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⁠DWG KIA vs MAD Lions Prediction – 2021 WC Quarterfinals – 10/24

DWG KIA vs MAD Lions Prediction

⁠DWG KIA vs MAD Lions prediction on October 24, 2021. MAD Lions are a young and talented team but their opponent in this match is the defending champion DWG KIA. Therefore, it is not surprising that they are rated much lower than DWG KIA and can only stand below. With the bo5 format in this Knockout round, the bookie thinks that it will be difficult for MAD Lions to flip the bet against an experienced team like DWG KIA.

⁠DWG KIA Overview

⁠DWG KIA vs MAD Lions Prediction

It can be seen that the DWG KIA players are playing very firmly since entering the group stage of the Mid Season Invitational 2021 this time. This carefulness has helped them successfully get themselves the number one position in the rankings with a record of six matches unbeaten. 

Going into this final round, based on the performance that DWG KIA is showing, the house thinks that they are absolutely one of the brightest candidates for the championship. However, it cannot be denied that entering this round, there is no weak opponent. If DWG KIA plays with a subjective spirit, they can completely stumble and receive bitter results.

MAD Lions Overview

⁠DWG KIA vs MAD Lions Prediction

The group of MAD Lions can be said to be the most intense group in the group stage. All four teams in this group followed each other very closely and brought together a record of three wins and three losses after six matches. 

Therefore, all four teams then had to compete in a series of Tiebreakers to compete for tickets to the Knockout round. And with their timely shine, MAD Lions surpassed LNG Esports and Team Liquid to become one of the two teams to qualify for the next round.

However, it is quite unfortunate for MAD Lions when the first opponent they encounter as soon as they enter this round is DWG KIA. If it is not possible to successfully create any unexpected elements, it will be difficult for MAD Lions to bring home the victory against the reigning champion of this world-scale tournament.

⁠DWG KIA vs MAD Lions Prediction

⁠DWG KIA vs MAD Lions Prediction

The match between DK vs MAD is evaluated in favor of DK. MAD dragged DK to game 5 in the MSI semi-finals and really made it difficult for the defending world champion. However, it was an unstable DK with Khan not being in high form and the Ghost – Beryl couple dying constantly. 

Now DK is back with the most perfect version. They are in extremely high form and are the only team that has not received a defeat at Worlds. Khan shows off his carry, Canyon proves the world’s number one jungler, Showmaker is still perfect, and their bot lane duo has regained their inherent stability. 

Not many names are big enough to challenge DK at this point. MAD is in a period of serious decline, especially in the position of Humanoid and Elyoya – which is DK’s strongest point. Carzzy is MAD’s most stable player, but it will be hard for this guy to make a turning point when the meta is not in favor of AD carry. The result is predicted to be an easy 3-0 win for DK.

⁠DWG KIA vs MAD Lions Bet Prediction

⁠DWG KIA vs MAD Lions total score prediction:

  • Game 1: DK wins
  • Game 2: DK wins
  • Game 3: DK wins

Total score 3-0

First bood:

  • Game 1: DK
  • Game 2: MAD
  • Game 3: DK

Total rounds:

  • Game 1: DK 17 – 8 MAD
  • Game 2: DK 19 – 5 MAD
  • Game 3: DK 18 – 7 MAD


DK: Khan, Canyon, Ghost, Showmaker, BeryL

MAD: Armut, Carzzy, Elyoya, Humanoid, Kaiser