July 30, 2021


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Valorant: 100 Thieves Steel reveals how to rank up quicker

100 Thieves

The secret tip that helped them win Valorant: First Strike has been revealed by 100 Thieves in game leader Joshua’ Steel‘ Nissan. All the players need is a microphone to carry out this trick.

100 Thieves

The Canadian professional stressed on Twitter the importance of using in-game voice chat.

While it is not practically possible to rank up from Iron to Radiant in 15 minutes, Steel explained how using a mic could shrink the tedious ranking journey. He urged the players in his brief cheeky guide to use their in game mics. 

Steel went ahead, emphasizing the impact of communication, and said that their heroic victory at Valorant First Strike could be attributed to the strong communications.

In addition to his professional esports career, the solo queue ventures of Steel gained him a following of 473,000. The Valorant Pro has come across a similar problem in his daily grind that most players frequently deal with.

Using voice chat is crucial in Valorant

As Riot’s shooter depends heavily on team synergy, solo queuing at Valorant can be a nightmare. From picking agents to implementing strategies, team communication and callouts are required for the game. If players talked in game, the process of matching up with randoms might become more tolerable.

Valorant has a wide range of agents that have different abilities, unlike most FPS shooters. A well-picked roster could turn a challenging game into a cakewalk with a balance of duelists, sentinels, controllers, and initiators. 

Chatting with teammates becomes crucial in order to smartly pick the agents. A team of four duelists, for example, may have firepower, but the absence of a controller would make it impossible to effectively break open a Bomb Point.

In a quiet lobby, Valorant’s chat wheel feature often helps. Spectators, however, sometimes have a broader perspective. Players often fail to notice an enemy on their screens that could be dead teammates. The round that would otherwise lead to a dead loss could be saved by a simple callout from a teammate.

How to use voice chat – 100 Thieves

Like in any other game, players can set a key in Valorant to use voice comms. To enable voice chat, click the Valorant client settings icon and choose Audio from the available tabs.

In voice chat, players can customize the features of voice input and output, depending on the device you are using. Next, to set a key for using the mic, simply click the controls tab. Go to communications and, for example, pick any key, V.

A more in depth look at Riot’s FPS shooter explains that the impact of communication may not have been exaggerated by Steel. Players may spend days and weeks stuck in one rank, despite a high K/D, if team communication is lacking.