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1WIN vs Nemiga Gaming Prediction – ESEA Season 38 – 09/28

1WIN vs Nemiga Gaming Prediction

1WIN vs Nemiga Gaming prediction on September 28, 2021. Excellently present in the quarterfinals of ESEA Season 38: Advanced Division – EU when both had 2-1 victories against tough opponents in the previous round. 1WIN and Nemiga Gaming promise to create a stressful competition to find the name in the semi-finals. Instead of having to go down to the losing bracket with countless difficulties waiting.

1WIN Overview

1WIN vs Nemiga Gaming Prediction

Although winning 2, losing 1, and having 1 game entered the OT series before the opponent. It is clear that now the wind has changed because 1WIN is a better player than Nemiga Gaming. They have a series of 7 consecutive wins as well as the team is extremely comfortable entering this match against an unstable Nemiga gaming (won 3, lost 3 in the last 6 matches in all competitions). The world ranking is also having a significant difference, 1WIN is ranked 27th while Nemiga Gaming is only ranked 56th according to hltv.

Nemiga Gaming Overview

1WIN vs Nemiga Gaming Prediction

Nemiga Gaming themselves will need to be extremely cautious because the opponent is very strong. 1WIN’s gameplay is also extremely diverse in many competitive maps. It can completely cause Nemiga Gaming to go down to the losing branch after the upcoming bo3 next match. Nemiga Gaming, they are losing in all parameters. So they have to play carefully from the beginning if you want to create a surprise, at least 1 game won before 1WIN.

1WIN vs Nemiga Gaming Prediction

It is not difficult to realize that this is a match with a slight difference in favor of 1WIN. Although in the past the two sides played tit-for-tat as well as both excellently present in the quarterfinals of the winning bracket at this time. But if you look at the win rate in the competitive maps, it can be seen that this match will be more or less bad for Nemiga Gaming. 

Except for the map Inferno (59% win), Nemiga Gaming does not have any other map that can outperform the opponent. This means that if 1WIN bans Infeno, Nemiga will be extremely difficult to play, even picking Nuke (71% wins). Simply because 1WIN has 76% wins on Nuke map and has too many next choices if it has to go into game 3 to decide with the opponent. 

1WIN vs Nemiga Gaming Prediction

But in my personal opinion, they will probably end the match in the 2nd game soon if they play to their ability only. Round Pistols and the 5-round winning milestone can be the time when Nemiga Gaming plays a balanced. Even fair game that is extremely unpredictable with 1WIN. 

But as time goes on, everything will drift further and further away from this team’s reach. Because 1WIN will quickly catch up when they have accumulated enough equipment and the same amount of money on them. 

1WIN vs Nemiga Gaming Prediction

1WIN vs Nemiga Gaming total score prediction: 2 – 0

First 5 rounds:

  • Game 1: Nemiga Gaming
  • Game 2: 1WIN 

Total rounds:

  • Game 1: 1WIN 16 – 13 Nemiga Gaming (choose 1WIN – Over)
  • Game 2: 1WIN 16 – 11 Nemiga Gaming (choose 1WIN – Over)


1WIN: polt, deko, TRAVIS, glowiing, Ravenlot

Nemiga Gaming: lollipop21k, iDISBALANCE, Jyo, boX, 1eeR