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3 Best Air Combat Games You Should Try Right Now

Air Combat Games

Air Combat Games

There are plenty of flight simulators available but sometimes you don’t want to simply fly around aimlessly. In this list, we take a look at the best air combat games ever released. From classic titles to free games, to VR, check out our picks below.

Crimson Skies: High Road To Revenge

The sky is crimson; High Road To Revenge is one of the 2003 arcade air combat games released exclusively for Microsoft Xbox. The game takes place in an alternate timeline in which air travel becomes mainstream instead of cars or railways. Here players will play the role of a mercenary undertaking different jobs to make a living while the missions will have the player control a number of quite unique planes.

This is not a simulation game, it is a video game-like experience as the plane will easily pick up and move around the map along with firing weapons or using some dodge mechanics to Walk around the following enemy enemies.

While we haven’t seen this game remake yet, players can still enjoy it today through the Microsoft Xbox store. Unfortunately, the online multiplayer of this game is no longer available, but you can still enjoy local multiplayer.

DCS World – air combat games

Digital Combat Simulator World, otherwise simply known as DCS, is one of the most popular reality flight simulators available today. Similar to War Thunder, this is a battlefield game that offers a wider variety of vehicles. Not only does the player have access to military aircraft, for example, but the game also includes tanks, naval ships, and other ground control vehicles.

DCS World is a bit interesting because it has the ability to tailor the type of missions you want to take on. There are a number of pre-made missions, but from there you’ll get a window where you can choose different tasks to give you whatever type of challenge you want to take on.

With that said, online PvP is available as an online co-op. Now, although this is a free game, it’s only free for two planes and one map first. From there, you will have to buy different planes, maps and campaigns. You probably won’t get every available DLC as at the time of writing this description all the DLCs will bring you over $ 2,500, so it’s definitely an investment to tackle everything. DCS World provides.

1 Ace Combat Series – air combat games

Ace Combat is one of the most popular air combat video games out there. After first starting back in 1995 and while the game has a bit of a hiatus, we could start back with IP again in 2019.

Miss out with the game franchise, as there are titles that most fans would say be skipping. However, rather than picking any specific title from the list or flooding this list with some Ace Combat games, we think it’s best to just pick it up as a selector just like how we started this air combat games list with Jane’s Combat Simulation.

Overall, this is an air combat game in which players get to fly a variety of planes as they progress through the campaign story. Likewise, quests are usually just action-packed, where you’ll shoot away with various air battles at ground bases.

If you’ve never played an Ace Combat game then you can easily jump into the combination with the latest available installment, Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, you’ll get a thrilling arcade fighting game. and a story to engage you.