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3 Best Bugs That Made Games More Fun | Most Useful Glitches

useful glitches

useful glitches

Break all the rules and get rid of the bounds of what is possible – there is no other feeling like that and here I’m going to list 10 games with absolutely amazing bugs that change the way we play. There are hiccups to help you fly in the sky, useful glitches with teammates in a barn in locked single-player, or endless armies. Some of these glitches make unbelievable games much easier, while others are just simple fun.

Bucket Head Stealth (Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim)

One of the useful glitches of all time isn’t really a bug – here’s how Bethesda intended the game to work! Stealing is taboo in Skyrim, but the player quickly discovers that placing a bucket on top of the shop owner or NPC is enough to block their vision. When their vision is blocked, you can enter sneak mode and start robbing the landlord’s, blind man.

To get rid of this error, all you have to do is use the physical action button to pick up any old crate and carefully place it on top of the NPC. This is just the ingenuity of the player, but the absurdity lies in a simple question – why would someone let you put a bucket on their head? It’s a video game, that’s why!

Despawning Enemies (Ninja Gaiden) – useful glitches

One of the most useful glitches in gaming. Not only is this useful, but it’s essentially a must for every Ninja Gaiden player on the planet to use it effectively. This is an enemy glitch and it’s the only way to stop the enemy from reviving at the edge of your screen.

Let me back up. In Ninja Gaiden on the NES, enemies will instantly revive when you defeat them if you’re standing right on the edge of the screen where they first appeared – it’s hard to explain, but anyone who has played the game will understand exactly what I am doing. talk about.

This trick is quite simple to do. Just move forward so the enemy appears at the edge of the screen, then step back. Repeat until the enemy is on the edge of contempt. There is a level (6-2) at which this is almost imperative to progress.

Yoshi’s Infinite Flutter (Super Mario Galaxy 2) – useful glitches

Another glitch, but this one is just for entertainment. Nobody really needs to cheat to beat Super Mario Galaxy 2, one of the most famous games in the long plumber’s library of a classic plumber. In the past, players discovered a simple error that allowed Yoshi, the great blue dinosaur Mario to be able to ride, fly indefinitely anywhere!

To pull it out, the player flies then drops himself with Yoshi in mid-air and then flies again. If you set the timer just right, you’ll be in the air forever, making the levels completely trivial. The whole point of these games is to play happily, but breaking the game is a fun kind of its own. If this game is indeed released on the Nintendo Switch soon, then hopefully this trick still works.