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3 Best Current Video Games You Can Beat In A Weekend

Current Video Games

Current Video Games

Time is precious and spending time playing video games may be exhausting for some of you. This means you can play to finish a full game relatively quickly. If you are looking for some current video games that you can enjoy and complete over a weekend then we will help you with that.

Tearaway Unfolded

Tearaway Unfolded is the retelling of the PlayStation Vita video game Tearaway. If you’ve never played the PS Vita game, Tearaway relies on a messenger tasked with transmitting messages. But in order to do so, the messenger will have to travel through obstacle-filled areas.

Paper is the main material to make this world leaving some interactive environments, such as on the PS Vita. Players can use the rear touch panel to create the effect of pushing their fingers through gender to pass through certain areas. Players can now enjoy an expanded version of the current video games on PlayStation 4.

Shovel Knight – current video games

Shovel Knight is a 2D video game similar to the old school days of the 8bit video game. The story of Shovel Knight is based on two characters, Shovel Knight and Shield Knight. During one of their journeys, Shield Knights were captured and locked inside the Tower of Fate. Heartbroken, the Shovel Knight has to put into exile until he heard that the Tower of Fate was destroyed. Thanks to the wicked Enchantress who wished to spread his evil rule across the country.

Upon hearing the news, Shovel Knight returned to the land hoping to rescue Shield Knight with his shovel. We would really recommend Shovel Knight and having enough awards and nominations for the current video games. It will make players at least try it out.

Grow Home – current video games

Grow Home comes from the development studio Ubisoft Reflections and was originally developed for internal release among employees. The only problem is that the game is too interesting. The developers decide to continue releasing the full game on Windows and PlayStation 4. The player controls BUD, a robot that grows plants to supply oxygen to the onion crystal. In the open world of Grow Home, players walk by and plant “Star Shoots”. These are giant bean plants that travel to different platforms to harvest more seeds.

Bonus – Hidden Agenda

Hidden Agenda is a crime thriller video game. Supermassive Games is the studio that developed the game. The game was released back in 2017, where players will take control of Becky Marney and district attorney Felicity Graves. Becky Marney is on a case to find the serial killer The Trapper.

This is a short game but it offers a PlayLink feature where other players can vote for game-changing decisions. While not technically online current video games, players will need a network connection to enjoy the PlayLink feature. Regardless, this is still a fun game to try out with your friends.