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3 Best Free Video Games For Kids To Try

Games For Kids

Games For Kids

In this list, we highlight some of the best free video game titles that might be right for your kids. Of course, you’ll want to test each game for yourself to make sure it’s a good fit. Like the other list we mentioned, these games for kids are rated as immature and not rated in any particular order. They come in a variety of genres, and we even have several sources to check out future free games.

Rocket League – games for kids

Games For Kids

Rocket League is a game originally released as a deluxe title. However, since Epic Games acquired the development team behind Rocket League, the game has gone free-to-play. 

If you are not familiar with the title, this is a temporary football game. Instead of having the player play the role of an athlete on the field, the game focuses on support vehicles that can slow down on the field and jump into the air. 

Meanwhile, there is a giant ball that players can hit into the opponent’s goal to score points. This is a bit of a tough game to start with as players will need to get a handle on the physics in the game, but since this game was released there has been a lot of positive reception from fans. 

There are some in-game purchases that allow players to further tweak the design of their vehicle, but like the other games on this list, it’s completely optional.

Itch.io Games – games for kids

Games For Kids

While not a specific game selection, those on PC will want to check out Itch.io. This is a website that independent developers can use to host their video games for sale or free download. 

As a result, there are countless different video game titles, of various genres and ratings. You can find a number of clone titles of other popular games to new indie titles waiting to be discovered. Of course, you’ll want to keep an eye on what video games are, which range from games for kids to more adult-oriented ones. It’s simply a source to find some free games that we think you should join.

Epic Games Store Weekly Giveaway

Games For Kids

Finally, another source that you may want to take note of if you are using the PC platform is the Epic Games Store. For a few years now, the Epic Games Store has offered one or two free games per week. 

These aren’t just tiny indie titles as you can find some big-name AAA video games released every week and all you need to do is request a copy. If you have an Epic Games Store account, check in with the store’s customers every week for new titles that you can claim and play whenever you want. 

Of course, like the previous point, Itch.io, has games for adults along with games for kids. They also come in a variety of genres, while most of the time you know what free video games are coming next week, sometimes the Epic Games Store hides them, but luckily you have both weeks to claim these games as well. So here you’ll want to take a look at the games on offer to determine if it’s worth asking for a copy for your child to play.