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3 Best New AAA Games Releasing In 2021 For You

New AAA Games

We have only started 2021 and after that terrible year 2020 thanks to the beginning of the global pandemic we are dealing with. With that said, there are some new games to escape from the reality we live in that are pretty enticing. In this list, we’ll highlight some of the best new AAA games coming out this year or we expect to release within the year.

Call of Duty Vanguard

New AAA Games

A new CoD part will launch on November 5, 2021. This time around, one of the new AAA games is being developed by Sledgehammer Games. Likewise, this game will take players back to the fierce Second World War era. Players can expect a variety of ronts to be introduced along with a storyline revolving around the birth of special forces. 

Game mechanics should match the latest Modern Warfare. At the same time, we know there’s going to be a multiplayer component at work here, like with every Call of Duty installment. However, if you’re hesitant to pick this game up, you might want to dive into Call of Duty: Warzone, a free-to-play battle royale game that adapts gameplay to match the latest Call of Duty installments. 

Meanwhile, those who choose this game will also be treated to the latest Zombies mode that Treyarch has developed.

Forza Horizon 5 – new AAA games

New AAA Games

A new entry to the Forza Horizon franchise is coming this year. Forza Horizon 5 puts players on a map inspired by Mexico. This is also said to be the largest map in the history of the Forza Horizon franchise. As a result, you’ll be racing around a number of different unique environments and heights. 

You can expect the overall gameplay to be the same from previous installments. You will have different races based on specific vehicles. Then there’s free-roaming where you can explore the map endlessly. Likewise, there are some new weather elements to keep an eye on during your races or explorations. For example, you will have dust and possible tropical storms.

Halo Infinite – new AAA games

New AAA Games

Halo Infinite, this game should have been out, or at least that was the plan of 343 Industries and Xbox Game Studios. Fans are keen to see this game in action after only offering light teases and cinematic trailers. Then in the summer of 2020, we finally had significant gameplay footage to reveal, and the results were below normal. 

Fans have gone online indignant at how bad the game looks and appears to be in development. It was slated for release that year alongside the Xbox Series X/S, so when it looks like the game is out of date for a next-gen release and doesn’t have the wow factor I think most of the time. All fans are waiting, 343 The industry has pumped the brakes from all the criticism.

The studio was quick to delay one of the new AAA games, they missed the launch for the Xbox Series X/S, and now it’s slated for later this year. The game is based on Master Chief, where the focus is on saving humanity again. This time, the group of bad dorms we’re dealing with is Banished, led by some Brute mercenaries. It seems to be a game with large levels and semi-open world design. Meanwhile, we know that the multiplayer component will be free to play.