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3 Best New PvE Games & Expansions of 2021

New PvE Games

If you’re after some new game where you can work with your friends as you face hostile enemies or deadly environments with your friends, you’re in luck. 2021 features a number of new PvE games that are expected to launch along with a number of expansions for video games that were released years earlier. In this list, we’ll highlight a few titles that we think you should keep an eye on.

Monster Hunter Rise – new PvE games

New PvE Games

The Monster Hunter brand is generally a pretty popular IP. This year, we get Monster Hunter Rise, the next game that’s been out since Monster Hunter: World launched. While this one of the new PvE games has a story to go through for the campaign, the main reason we have this title on our list is because of its PvE multiplayer feature. 

Just like previous Monster Hunter games, the player can join a party and hunt the various large giant beasts that roam the world. Players must still ensure that they are equipped with the necessary equipment that will be useful against the enemy monsters you are tracking. The slain monster can then provide various resources to create new useful equipment. 

Players will find that this game will come with an open-world environment more like Monster Hunter World than the region-based gameplay from previous games. Meanwhile, as the title suggests, there’s a new grappling engine that allows players to traverse the world vertically. Currently, the title is available to play right now for the Nintendo Switch with PC platforms that will receive the game sometime in 2022.

Hood: Outlaws and Legends

New PvE Games

Hood: Outlaws and Legends was released in May this year, which is a turning point of the Robinhood storyline. Here players are also participating in a PvE game with PvP elements. In one of the new PvE games, the player chooses a class and goes on robbery-style quests with the goal of stealing some treasure and escaping. While you have a team of different classes of characters trying to stealthily kill the guards, the main focus is on finding the sheriff. 

This is a powerful NPC whose key opens the door where the treasure chest is kept. While you can’t kill the character, you can stun them long enough to steal the key and make your way to the treasure. Moving the treasure is also a bit difficult as you will be moving very slowly but if you work well with your teammate you should be able to get to the exit point.

This is where everything will get more complicated. There’s another team somewhere on the map that’s also dealing with different bodyguards and trying to navigate the sheriff to the treasure so you’re not just dealing with the enemy AI.

Icarus – new PvE games

New PvE Games

Icarus is an upcoming PvE survival game where the goal is to take the player down to an alien planet where you’re looking for resources to bring back and sell. However, there is a certain deadline, so if you don’t return to the ship with the resources you collected you will be left behind. 

You are using various mining tools to gather resources from the planet. But along the way, you will have to deal with different creatures that appear along the way. So you will have to work to ensure that you are not directly in danger as you venture into the world of craft. However, you can play with others online, but like Back in the Day, we’re still waiting for the official release date to go public.