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3 Best Off-Road Games You Should Try Right Now

Off Road Games

Off Road Games

There is a lot of love for Off-Road Games. The thrill of trekking through harsh terrain, mountains, rocks, and jungle areas offers a pretty nice twist to the tracks that are often paved from more traditional racing games. In this list, we’re going to take a look at the best off-road video games you don’t want to miss.


Overpass puts players in massive vehicles as they traverse harsh terrain. The player can try to climb cliffs, climb over rocks, large trees, among other harsh environments while the goal is to finish. With that said, the player won’t win the game by pushing the pedal to the floor, instead, the player needs to think about the path, know when to do things slowly and how to set the right position. position their vehicle to get past the troubled area.

MotorStorm Apocalypse – off-road games

Motorstorm Apocalypse, now it’s a remake worthy game. During the game, the player will experience massive races around the US West Coast but there is a breakdown. It’s a relentless mess with catastrophes that constantly strike while you’re racing.

There could be giant buildings falling below or racing over a bridge just to start warping, crumbling to pieces. Things don’t stop and it becomes a battle that not only races around the game with competitors but also closely monitors the ever-changing environment. Unfortunately, the game only launches on PlayStation 3, and we haven’t seen Sony take this IP out much since the release of MotorStorm: RC on PS Vita.

Dirt 5

We mentioned in this off-road games list that the Dirt series features both arcade-based and simulation-based racing games. While Dirt Rally 2.0 is one of the latest simulation-focused titles, Dirt 5 offers players an exciting and cutting-edge arcade off-road game. Here, it does not focus on passing races with precise driving and instead offers more comfortable control systems.

There are large maps with rough terrain, trolleys, racing cars, and even a scene that allows players to create their unique playing field to race around full of ramps and turns. paving stone and roundabout. It’s the kind of off-road game experience that’s easy to get into whether you’re chasing the more quirky long-distance playgrounds or the more extreme off-road tracks.

SnowRunner – off-road games

After the success of MudRunner, the development team went on to come up with another piece with SnowRunner. This game works very much like its predecessor in that the player is tasked with driving smart in some rough terrain. Speaking of terrain, it’s a bit more diverse here with snow tundra, deeply forested areas, or quagmire, there are plenty of trails to get stuck, lose cargo or completely flip a car.

Meanwhile, those who are successful in their various mission goals will carefully map out their routes and carry a rig capable of doing the job. We think most would agree that this is the kind of game where you can connect with your friends online and try to get some work done just to have a funny difficulty and need support to get back to the platform fine. concentration. If not, players can play off-road games and relax with some of their favorite music or podcasts.