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3 Best Open World RPGs You Should Be Playing In 2021

Open World RPGs

Open World RPGs

There are many open world games out there, and among the countless titles that hit the market every year, there are several open world RPGs that need to be picked up and enjoyed. If you’re heading into 2021 with a little time to sink hours into a massive open-world RPG, we’ve got some titles worth considering. In this list, we’re going to break it down into some of the great open world RPG titles that have been released and are a bit more modern you can play right now along with some of the games. We personally love you to try out when they come out hopefully before 2021 ends.

Starfield – open world RPGs

Open World RPGs

We really don’t know much about Starfield at this point. When it was announced a couple of years ago, we knew that this was a new IP being developed for next-generation console platforms, both Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. Similarly, it was confirmed that This is a game that is being released on the market previous The Elder Scrolls 6. 

This new sci-fi role-playing game is bound to have a thrilling story, and it could be similar to The Outer Worlds in the sense that perhaps we’ll get a chance to explore other worlds while helping those in need.

With that said, these are just assumptions as Bethesda is keeping things pretty quiet when it comes to their upcoming new titles. There’s a chance that this game won’t release on PlayStation 5, though, as Bethesda is now owned by Microsoft. For now, it’s absolutely a game worth waiting to see what comes out of this new Starfield IP.

Dying Light 2

Open World RPGs

Dying Light is a huge success for Techland, who developed the open-world zombie game after working on Dead Island. However, the sequel to Dying Light 2 seems to have a bit of trouble as it takes the developers some time to finish their project. 

With that said, it looks like Dying Light is nearing the end of its development cycle. This game will again introduce a thrilling open world to explore with lots of parkour maneuvering around the environment to escape danger like enemy faction or zombie-like creatures.

We also know that this will feature a larger open world RPGs environment with more factions and hostile creatures to deal with. Likewise, there are even some decisions players will need to make that will affect the different world environments you’ll encounter. Currently, the game is expected to hit the market at some point this year but we’re still just waiting for that official release date announcement.

Elden Ring – open world RPGs

Open World RPGs

Elden Ring is an upcoming game by the FromSoftware development team who is known for delivering the Souls series. Here’s another game that will likely match those as well, although so far we only have a trailer for the game that doesn’t tell us much. 

With that said, as a FromSoftware title, you can expect a rather dark and gloomy world to exist. Set in an open-world experience, players will be adventured in the game as a custom protagonist. In addition, we also expect to have some kind of mount to use as a transport, which should also tell you that this can be quite one of the big open world RPGs.