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3 Best Strategies, Tips and Tricks We Used In 2020

tips and tricks

tips and tricks

We all like some good tips and tricks. Video games are complex machines strung together by code. The whole business can crash at any moment – and things are so complicated, players often find little tricks that developers don’t exactly intend. These are not all errors. They are not exploiters at all. These are just the strange things that players have discovered that are also completely OP.

Pocket-Sized Heavy MG – Cyberpunk 2077 – tips and tricks

When standard firepower isn’t enough, Heavy MG is the way to go in Cyberpunk 2077 – by increasing your strength stats you can hack turrets and steal their explosive cannons. These giant guns are like ripping off the turret in Halo; you cannot keep them for long and you cannot reload them. That’s how they have to work.

In one hilarious glitch exploration, players find that you can actually carry a heavy MG with you. You can place the ridiculously oversized gun in any car stock – and if you save/reload while the cannon is in the trunk of your car, it will automatically fill up with ammunition. Equipping yourself with an infinite heavy MG is one of the highlights of the first buggy Cyberpunk 2077 version.

Recruits Give You Big Bucks – Watch Dogs: Legion

Other privilege-related tips and tricks are not really a miner, nor is it quite a bug – it just allows players to make a lot of money in the game without much effort in a pretty ridiculous way. In Watch Dogs: Legion, you can recruit anyone in the street to help fight the PMC trying to take over London. Each is randomly generated and unique, and some of these characters have the Bonus on Sign privileges. That is the key to this money-making trick.

This privilege gives you 300 ETOs when the character joins your party. To keep getting the cash, all you have to do is fire them and hire them over and over again. Money has no end and it’s a great way to save money in the early game for nice clothes.

Royalty Is Still OP – Demon’s Souls Remake – tips and tricks

We’ve said that before, but 2020 is the year of the remake. Some of the biggest games of the year have been reworked, and that trend could become even stronger next year. However, nowadays, we’re happy to talk about Demon’s Souls again. This criminally shoddy PS3 game has reached a much wider audience as a game debut on the PS5. It looks better, plays better, and retains all the old exploits we love. And the most basic tips and tricks of all are to just choose the right class.

Royal Class is an Easy Mode in Demon’s Souls. This class starts with the Soul Arrow, a spell – and can start with the Fragrant Ring, which causes your MP to slowly refill when equipped. Soul Arrow makes game-opening hours a lot easier and continues to have irrational power for the rest of the game.

Magic is completely broken in Demon’s Souls, and only a handful of bosses are able to counter it. Even the ones with other weaknesses you can exploit. Basically, start with magic and go full magic? It’s one of our favorite little tricks and becomes even more important in 2020.