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3 Best Superhero Video Games On Xbox One

Superhero Video Games

Superhero Video Games

If you love the superhero genre and are looking for some new superhero video games to enjoy on the Xbox One platform then check out our list. We have several games that we recommend you try if you are looking for something new to enjoy. There should be something for everyone below whether you want to play competitive, kid-friendly games, to more adult-themed games.

Apex Legends – superhero video games

Superhero Video Games

Apex Legends is a surprise battle royale video game released by Respawn Entertainment. With royal games becoming as popular as they are now, Apex Legends had no trouble finding an audience upon launch. Most assumed that Respawn Entertainment was developing a new Titanfall game so it was quite a surprise when they released this game. It is now one of the more popular battle royale video game titles on the market. Similar to other battle royale video game titles, the game allows players to drop off a team-based map.

Once on the map, it’s all about finding better items and equipment. Meanwhile, as the map shrinks, players will have to fight other teams in the hope of finishing last. What makes this game a bit interesting is that its roster is filled with characters with distinct powers, and there are quite a few characters to choose from with more abilities added to the mix over time.

Injustice: Gods Among Us Series

Superhero Video Games

Ed Boon could indeed market a stellar adult fighting game, but it’s possible a few tidbits of news sparked when it was revealed that Mortal Kombat creator would be joining the DC Comics universe. The result was the launch of Injustice: Gods Among Us, a timeline game in which Superman took over the world by force and introduced some strict laws and regulations as the Joker tricked the hero into killing Lois Lane. Now with a broken Superman, Batman finds the way to bring in the Justice League from another universe to help stop his regime.

Overall, we have the same gameplay style as Mortal Kombat but with a lineup and storyline based on DC Comics. Since each character has a special power or unique attack, there can be some great fights between different types of characters. We even have a sequel with Injustice 2 that has the same gameplay mechanics as its predecessor but has a storyline that follows after the first.

Batman Arkham Trilogy – superhero video games

Superhero Video Games

The Batman Arkham series is iconic and a trilogy worth playing through. Each season features iconic villains and gameplay mechanics to give you the feel of being a Dark Knight in Gotham City. 

From using martial arts against random thugs, investigating crime scenes, grappling buildings, even using the Batmobile, the series is just one overall thrilling superhero experience.

For now, the series has only three installments from Rocksteady, and even with an open world to explore, you may feel the urge to return to Gotham City once again after completing the trilogy. 

Rocksteady may continue to evolve from the Arkham games but they are not done playing with the DC Comics universe. While it’s not expected to release on Xbox One, it looks like those on Xbox Series X/S will be able to play their next superhero video games, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League within 2022.