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3 Easter Eggs in Games That Took Fans Years To Discover

Easter eggs in games

Easter eggs in games

In the age of the Internet, we have been accustomed to discovering all the hidden features, secret areas, and Easter eggs in games before a game was released. But sometimes the secret gets through – sometimes it takes years before anyone finds an Easter egg. These Easter eggs have taken years to deal with.

Verbally Abusive Pit Crew Code [Wave Race: Blue Storm]

Here we have a fun secret code for Wave Race: Blue Storm turns your bunker team into a group of ropes. Instead of cheering on you, they spit out fiery insults. They will say you are “pathetic” and sarcastically taunt you for gaining the speed boost, saying “Wow, a turbocharger!”

Code shared by Neogaf Forum’s RaoulDuke User. You can also try to enter this code yourself in his post. It was just a piece of code, but it was a piece of code I didn’t know about. It’s also one of the strangest Easter eggs in games we’ve seen in a while. Even if you don’t have a memory of the nostalgic Wave Race, it’s still hilarious.

A Very Well Hidden Tease [Batman: Arkham Asylum] – Easter eggs in games

Sometimes the Easter eggs are overly concealed, and this deft tease hidden in Batman: Arkham Asylum proves it. No one will be able to find this hidden room until the developers scatter the pea near the sequel release – and there’s a good reason no one will find it.

The room itself is a small area with blueprints, showing the layout of Arkham City – the giant temporary prison where criminals are kept in the Batman: Arkham Asylum sequel. It’s a great tease, but to find it, you have to bomb a wall that isn’t specifically marked multiple times. Not just once! Unless you bomb all the walls over and over again, no one will be able to find this secret without outside help.

The First Easter Egg Ever? [Spitfire] – Easter eggs in games

Most of us have probably never heard of the Spitfire video game. It’s a game on Channel F – a console most of us have completely never heard of. This game was released in 1977 and that makes it one of the earliest Easter eggs ever. The original game Easter egg was from Adventure on the Atari, released in 1980. Spitfire beat that in a couple of years.

The secret was shared by the RT-55J on SelectButton.Net, and it’s ridiculous. Literally, it’s just the record screen, but you’ll have to enter a secret button, then enter the 48 button passcode. It’s all completely random and nothing much – it’s no surprise that it hasn’t been discovered for decades. However, this is a rather important finding historically. We can have our first new Easter egg on hand.

Weird Seal Quest [Splinter Cell: Double Agent]

There’s one of the completely weird Easter eggs in games quest in Splinter Cell: Double Agent – but only in cooperative missions. These things were so secretive, the developers had to reveal that this even existed. That makes sense, there’s really nothing else like this in any Splinter Cell game.

To get started, you need to spin a specific locker to open it, collect a floating gold coin and use it on the vending machine. A small seal will pop out and you can talk to it. It will ask for food – and much more for this bizarre quest.