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3 Game-Breaking Items That Made Games Easy Early

game-breaking items

game-breaking items

Some games give you the tools to make your adventure incredibly easy from the start. Whether it’s a superweapon or the ability to unlock assassins, some games just give you early access to unbeaten tools – and very early on. Some of these game-breaking items can be obtained almost instantly, others can be obtained in the first dungeon. Either way, before the end of your story, so you’ll have plenty of time to read.

Black Knight Sword (Dark Souls) – game-breaking items

Forget the Drake Sword – Black Knight Sword is one of the best original game-breaking items you can get in Dark Souls. There’s a 20% chance that this useful sword will fall off the Black Knights found in the first few areas of the game – and it’s useful for the entire game. If you keep upgrading it, the Black Knight Sword will never fall behind and you will never need another weapon.

Drake Sword is also very good; It will not help you to continue the whole story. You can earn Drake Sword by taking down a giant dragon tail on a bridge in the early game – the arrow is the safest way to do it and Drake Sword is a powerful crutch until you finally arrive to get Sen’s Fortress.

Jewel Knuckles (Castlevania: Symphony of the Night)

Not the best weapon in the game – that honor goes to Crissaegrim, a rare drop from Schmoo’s enemies in the Forbidden Library completely trivializing the rest of the game. Jewel Knuckles aren’t OPs, but if you get them earlier with a simple trick, you’ll take down every enemy in the game in just one or two punches.

Usually, the weapon can only be obtained after receiving a Mist Form. Well, you can get it early with a secret method. Go to the Outer Wall and pass through the Armor Lord on the path above. Punch through the cracked front wall and wait 20 seconds for a hidden lift to take you down. Here’s a secret every SOTN player needs to know.

Umbra Sword (Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion) – game-breaking items

One of the best game-breaking items in Oblivion can be obtained from the beginning of the game. Located in the ruins of Vindasel to the southwest of Empire City, you will come across a goblin wearing a full set of Ebony Armor.

Killing her gets her armor and weapon – the Umbra Sword. Killing her is a challenge early in the game, but barely possible, thanks to the in-game level expansion. You can always decrease the difficulty, then increase the difficulty after defeating her.

Umbra Sword is not only one of the most powerful swords in the game, it also has the ability to trap souls so you can steal souls. The Umbra sword is stronger than any other weapon in the game, and if you know where to use it, it could be yours within the first hour of the game.

The sword (and the Umbra character) is part of the Clavicus Vile Daedra quest, but you can kill her even without doing this. She will always lay eggs. And you will cut and slash Cyrodiil with an undefeated one-handed sword.