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3 Hardest Pokemon Games You Should Be Trying In 2021

Hardest Pokemon Games

Hardest Pokemon Games

Today we are talking about the 3 hardest Pokemon games ever created. What we’re really talking about are the hardest moments – the unique features, tweaks, and Fitness Trainer gave us the hardest. No game is particularly hard most of the time until we hit the parts where a standard Pokemon team wouldn’t save us.

Pokken Tournament – hardest Pokemon games

Not one of the main games, but still easily one of the hardest Pokemon games to master. It’s a fighting game and fighting for the highest possible rank is a grueling job – you’ll unlock different tournaments of opponents and the challenge increases with each step to the top.

In Ferrum League mode, you have to fight 5 coaches in a row – and depending on your skills, you will either increase your rank to unlock the league or fail and have to try again. That’s why the difficulty lies, especially in the late game. You can’t just win a battle and try again! You have to win many battles in a row. 

If it fails at any point, you’ll have to try again from the beginning, and when you unlock the secret Iron League, you’ll beg for a second try. And you’ll have to win dozens of battles to slowly, distress increase your ranking points. And that goes beyond honing the levels!

Pokemon Black & White 2 – hardest Pokemon games

Next up of the hardest Pokemon games list, Pokemon Black & White made life difficult with one simple change – EXP Scaling. Due to the EXP Scaling feature, players cannot easily outrun enemies in the Pokemon Black & White game. You have to build teams to match your Gym Head rivals and don’t have the Experience Sharing support like modern games in the series.

To make life easier, Pokemon Black & White limits gym battles to about three Pokemon – so you don’t have to face a full team. Doesn’t really matter when facing challenging enemies like Ghetsis, the leader of Team Plasma. This guy is one of the hardest challenges in the game thanks to his legendary Pokemon Kyurem. 

It’s a Dragon, so you know how annoying they can be to matches. He also has a full pool of six Pokemon, and he’s one of the biggest stumbling blocks in both the main Gen 5 games.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2

Having a Pokemon is like a spoof, and that’s hard to hear. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games are literally Rogue-inspired, where you’ll explore randomly generated dungeons while making turn-based movements and battling against randomly generated enemies. You’ll send Pokemon Exploration teams into dungeons, and these areas are teeming with bosses – and not only that, your attacks are linked to PP.

There are many other ways to make it easier for you. You can train in a dojo to learn more about the Pokemon (and link your attacks to your Pokemon, who can actually sometimes accidentally attack you) – and your items can be purchased. But these games are not messy. First, there are high-level enemies that can kill your team in 2-3 hits. If you throw on a bad team and have bad luck you’ll toast.