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3 Inventory Items In Games We Never, Ever Want To Use

inventory items

inventory items

Whether it’s the best potion you’re saving for a rainy day or the weird weird trash no one knows what to do, there are so many items (and adjacent items) in the video game we refuse to use. Sometimes they are useful. Sometimes it’s not. There are plenty of reasons to avoid using items as there are in-game items, so break it down into the most popular inventory items in games.

Shaders [Destiny 2] – inventory items

Shaders are toys of the devil. In Destiny 2, shaders are customizable consumable items that alter the skin of your favorite loot. They are usually priced in real-world money and some of them can only be obtained during special events – as in, you’ll never get another. And when you use them once, they disappear. Your weapon (or device) skin changes, but it doesn’t allow you to swap it back whenever you want. No matter which shader you use to replace it – well, the previous one is gone forever.

That leaves many Destiny 2 players sitting with unused Shaders in their inventory items. You can’t just use one shader! You have to decide which loot you want to apply. After that, you have to think for a long time and it is difficult to keep it forever. What if there was a new shader you like but don’t love? Let us swap around the shaders we already have!

Gold Hoe [Minecraft] – inventory items

Everything made of gold is essentially useless in Minecraft, but Pickaxe is probably the most useless. There are golden swords, golden armor sets and huge gold blocks that you can craft in the most modifiable game on the planet and all of them are completely worthless.

Gold is hard to find, but gold items are weaker than stone or iron items. They break down faster. They survive purely for bling – but who wants to get rid of their shabby little agricultural tools? A suit of gold armor makes at least an aesthetic sense. Even a golden sword hanging on your wall looks cool. But what purpose does the Golden Pickaxe serve? Nothing.

Megalixirs [Final Fantasy Series]

We are all original inventory items for a rainy day. The rare Megalixir fully recovers the party’s HP and MP in most Final Fantasy games. Usually, there’s no easy way to buy these powerful items, so you’ll have to stick with the rare ones you’ll find in the environment. Sometimes you can steal them.

They can sometimes be kept on a farm. But they are always difficult to find and the scarcity makes for the last items we want to use in big boss battles. Even if it means we’ll bite a big one.

It is well known that players can tweak x100 Megalixirs from Bahamut in Final Fantasy 8. Even when there are too many useful items, we still don’t use them – but Final Fantasy 8 is a very vulnerable game, Perhaps there is an exception to the rule.

Maybe we should relax and only start drinking those Megalixirs when we need them instead of slowly healing (and releasing ether) for everyone on our team. But… what if we need it?