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3 Terrible Gameplay Gimmicks That Ruined Games

terrible gameplay gimmicks

terrible gameplay gimmicks

Not all gimmicks are created equal as you think. Some of the best games ever made are born out of a great gimmick – and some of the worst gimmicks will pull with good games. Here we will talk about the worst gimmicks to causing gaming crashes. These are not the most popular gimmicks and most of them are exclusive to their specific games, but the terrible gameplay gimmicks we have listed ruined any chances to become the merits of these games.

Walking Yourself To Death [Shenmue 3] – terrible gameplay gimmicks

Shenmue 3 is a time capsule game. For fans of the original game, it’s a piece of nostalgia – complete with clumsy English dubbing and a pastoral pace for the story that makes for an un-slick old-school charm. While the combat system isn’t the same, it’s fully usable and doesn’t ruin the experience. There’s just one big problem: walking kills you.

Probably to add more elements of simulation and give Ryo a reason to really eat in Shenmue 3, walking around the village drained the stamina. Your stamina and health are the same, and running causes your HP to drain faster. At the beginning of the game, you are very poor, and buying some food can even be very expensive.

And that’s a big deal. If you do not carry enough food, you will have difficulty walking slowly with 1 HP. Enter a fight and you won’t get a chance – and even if you have food, you’ll have to waste it just to get enough HP before a battle. This is one of the weirdly terrible gameplay gimmicks that actively kill your motivation just by performing a deadly mission.

Werehog Pads Out The Runtime [Sonic Unleashed] – terrible gameplay gimmicks

Making games is difficult. Really hard. Even with a team of experienced developers, games don’t just magically put together – and even a game that’s supposed to be great can be ruined because it’s not enough. . Sonic Unleashed is a victim of time – Sega doesn’t want to sell a Sonic game that is only a few hours long.

So instead of just giving the fans what they want, the developers stuffed a square pin into a round hole. The blazing-fast platform levels in Sonic Unleashed are incredibly detailed and elaborate, but they take a lot of work. To make the game last longer, Werehog was invented – a ridiculous concept for a silly game, but also a terribly boring gimmick that sucks up the fun of a fun little game. other.

Werehog is a cross between a wolf and a slow porcupine, defeating enemies with the fighting mechanic of God of War. The platform is icy and the combat mechanics are very dull, with repeating numb repetitive music throughout more than half of the game. Nobody wants this!

Instinct Mode Makes Costumes Useless [Hitman: Absolution]

As a true Hitman fan, this is truly painful. There is a lot to love about Hitman: Absolution, the red stepson of the Hitman series. There are imaginative scenarios and a surprising amount of levels to overcome. There’s even a bit of action and sneakiness to break open-ended assassination missions.

And then Instinct Mode pulls everything down. In regular Hitman games, Agent 47 only needs to steal a person’s outfit in order to get in the way. Not all outfits give him access to all locations, so finding the outfit you need to break your target’s lair is one of the most important aspects of the game. And the one that is extremely absent from Absolution.Instead of giving you anonymity, the outfit suddenly turns you into the target. Everyone will immediately recognize Agent 47 unless you use the new “Instinct” gauge, which actually allows you to move undetected for a very limited amount of time. The terrible gameplay gimmicks change renders the outfit almost completely useless. If Instinct Mode was removed from Absolution, the game would instantly get better.