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3 Weirdest Licensed Games You Need To Know About

weirdest licensed games

weirdest licensed games

The licensed game world is a strange one. In the current era, licensed games are big projects – Spider-Man on PS4, the Arkham Asylum series, and others are giant polished games. Even if you’re not a fan, these games are purely, definitely video games. We cannot say the same for everything on our weirdest licensed games list today.

X-Men: The Ravages of Apocalypse – weirdest licensed games

Why play as your favorite X-Men heroes when you can blow them up to gore instead? This must be one of the weirdest games ever created – Total Conversion officially licensed to Quake has been sold in stores where you slay familiar X-Men heroes. Characters like Forge, Wolverine, Storm, and Psylocke appear as enemies instead of allies. The explanation in the game is that they are all cyborgs. That doesn’t explain why there is so much blood.

The game begins with a trip to X-Mansion, where you can choose your difficulty. X-Mansion itself has quite an impressive level of detail… you know, for a game that just entered the 3D era. This is an officially licensed X-Men live FPS game with extreme violence.

You just have to repeat that because the concept is melting my brain. Something like this would never happen today, but it’s clear that in the 90s Marvel didn’t think about the long-term health of its intellectual property. They just barely survived the Dark Times of the comics.

Mickey Mouse 4: The Magical Labyrinth

There is nothing strange about the Crazy Castle game series if you stay in Japan. These NES and Gameboy games were developed by Japanese studio Kemco, and they both follow the basic platformer-puzzle formula, with just enough content about Mickey Mouse to delight Disney fans.

Things won’t go crazy until you watch releases outside of Japan. Check out the North American and Pal regions – that’s when the weirdest licensed games come out completely enticing. In North America, the first Mickey Mouse Crazy Castle games were actually Bugs Bunny games, just remade and put together for a completely different license. The skin change became astonishing when we arrived at Crazy Castle 4.

Darkened Skye – weirdest licensed games

Darkened Skye is a third-person action-adventure for the Gamecube and if you look at the box you won’t know this is a licensed game. Nothing about the story, setting, or gameplay sets those usual red flags. It looks like a strange general fantasy game – until you look at your magic abilities. Blue, purple, yellow, orange, red… can you guess what a license is?

You can’t believe this even exists. It was designed to market Skittles to an older audience, but no one would even know this was a Skittles game just by looking at it! The company that made this thing, Simon & Schuster, even considered removing all references to Skittles from the game entirely because they realized the game had nothing to do with it. Skittles.Well, the game still contains the Skittles reference since our heroine Skye uses skittles. In the Dark Skye universe, a skittle is a secret font for magical abilities. You can only imagine a certain kid playing the weirdest licensed games at Christmas, and wondering why there are so many references to candy.