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3 Weirdest & Worst Mini-Games You Were Forced To Play

worst mini-games

worst mini-games

We’re focussing on the weirdest and worst mini-games in history, games that keep us from ever wanting to play another video game again. Some of these are very bizarre that we cannot ignore, and others are very bad.

Stripper Rhythm [Dead To Rights]

Dead To Rights, we guess most of you are reading this book that never played. Sorry, you might not even have heard of this canceled series from the good guys at Namco. Dead To Rights is a Max Payne-style shooter, but instead of powerful shooter and neo-noir mode, we have lots (and lots of) mini-games. Moving marbles through the maze to disarm bombs is the worst mini-games, but the easy striptease rhythm game is the worst one.

At the beginning of Dead To Rights, hero Jack Slate needs to distract some guards to chase a villain in the striptease club. Jack’s girlfriend, a stripper named Hildy, comes on stage and dances slowly to save time. This is an early Xbox / PS2 game that forces you to watch a ramen-shaped dummy while pressing buttons that scroll very slowly across the screen. That is the disgraceful trait of an inherently very embarrassing game.

Collecting Scorpions [No More Heroes] – worst mini-games

No More Heroes is the all-time offender for terrible mini-games. Between assassination missions, our hero Travis Touchdown has to complete silly chores to make money. Cut the grass? Yes, it was an activity in this game that everyone hated, but we couldn’t get past the state-induced Scorpion Extermination missions.

In this mission, you will walk around an empty field in search of scorpions. If you get too close, you will be stung. You must use tongs to pick up the scorpions and toss them into your large crate. These missions last for nearly five minutes, during which you’ll very slowly move around, look at the nihilistic brown landscape and use your powers (this is a Wii game, so control switches are required) to catch pests.

No More Heroes 2 is the first game’s complete retrograde play, replacing boring quests with classic arcade-inspired game simulations of chores. No More Heroes 2 features some of the best mini-games in the business.

The DK Arcade [Donkey Kong 64] – worst mini-games

As if Donkey Kong 64 hasn’t been bullied enough. One of the best poorest sequels to a great series, Donkey Kong 64 is a Banjo-Kazooie game if it’s much heavier, forcing you to complete endless busy work to find all the bananas. randomization on each expansion map. There are plenty of mini-games here, but the worst mini-games we all remember is actually a classic arcade portal.

To earn a golden banana in one level, you will have to replay the original Donkey Kong video game and earn high scores. The game itself is not well optimized on the original N64, and the challenge is extremely challenging. It would be great if we could give up, but players have to find everything to get the final boss. Yes, really – and so you have to play as Mario, jump over barrels, and perfect your arcade skills. It’s one of the most memorable pieces of a memorable boring game.