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357 Setup Guide And Best Attachments Class in Modern Warfare



The 357 pistol is one of the more unique products in the pistol classification for Part 5 of Modern Warfare. The dual-effect pistol excels at longer ranges thanks to its high damage output and stability when engaging targets at a distance. However, in the closer range, the usage is much more complicated.

357 Stats


357 is a revolving cartridge from Modern Warfare. It is based on the gun Magnum built by Smith and Wesson and Winchester.


  • Head: 100-76
  • Upper Chest: 77-51
  • Lower Chest: 73-49
  • Legs: 70-22

Based on the damage statistics, 357 kills in 2 shots. This means the gun has a very high damage range.

  • Rate of Fire: 116 RPM
  • Time to Kill: Fast

It is an excellent weapon with high damage and a decent range. However, it does require the shooter to have a great target.

Recommended Attachments

Compensator (Muzzle)

357 Long (Barrel)

Heavy Duty Trigger (Trigger Action)

FSS Raider Stock (Rear Grip)

Sleight of Hand (Perk)

This attachment set keeps the pistol very stable when participating in long-range gunfights. The compensator adds some much-needed recoil controls with the FSS Raider Stock.

The Sleight of hand speeds up the reload speed enough to reload the chamber quickly while in battle.

The other best attachments for it are Light Trigger and Snakeshot ammo. Light Trigger increases the fire rate to 142RPM. Snake shot bullets take a while to unlock. However, it is worth to grind it out. It basically turns 357 into Executioner from Black Ops 2.

Recommended Perks

For the first privilege, E.O.D is perfectly suited to wield this particular weapon. Increase your resistance to incoming explosives to help you survive on the battlefield.

Perk number two might be a personal preference, but we chose Restock. Instead of just having damage and tactical item, let the item recharge for 30 seconds so you never run out of utility again.

When wanting to use a secondary weapon, Amped is essential for the third and final privileged spot, Quick Switching between primary and secondary weapons can be the difference between taking down your next opponent. or died in time.

357 Top Tips


Slow & Steady

The best way to make the most of 357 is to regularly aim at the aiming points (ADS) and try to predict the enemy’s position. Use the pistol’s range advantage to choose your contact point. Usually, the pistol is guaranteed to kill two times, so timing your shot wisely.

Deadly Accuracy

The low rate of fire makes accuracy even more important now. Missing out on the first shot with 357 is unfortunate. To reduce the likelihood of missing out on the initial shot, try to keep track of where the enemy is moving and aim a bit ahead of their position so that the player enters the shot.

The Aggressor

Playing with speed and aggression can be difficult with this particular weapon but it can be done. To succeed, aim for the upper half of the body to secure a headshot or weaken enemies so that they are more susceptible to a one-to-two quick punch.