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4 Best Dark Souls Builds That Will Make You Wanna Play Again

Best Dark Souls Builds

Best Dark Souls Builds

Dark Souls is still in the early stages of the series – more refined than Demon’s Souls, but much looser and less polished than Sekiro. The game adds more balance but still has some unbalanced elements. You can spend an entire level messing with a single set of weapons and armor. And there are a lot of put on weapons in this game. Here, we will talk about 4 of our best Dark Souls builds. Some of these builds are purely OP.

Anti-Aggro Sniper Build

Best Dark Souls Builds

Requirements: Black Bow of Pharis, Hawk Ring, Ring of Fog

Don’t want to fight enemies in PVE at all? Just use this anti-combination ring! The Ring of Fog can be purchased from Snuggly the Crow or Forest Hunter Covenant, and it turns the player transparent, greatly lowering your attack power. Most enemies in an area will not attack you. 

Now combine it with the Black Bow of Pharis, which has a longer range than the other bows. Now combine it with the Hawk Ring, which gives your bow +50% range. Now you’re sniping enemies far out of their attack range while you’re invisible. 

You can swap for melee in close-quarter combat and duel each enemy without having to worry about your friends joining in. This one of the best Dark Souls builds that is extremely useful for some areas with lots of enemies.

Glass Cannon Build – best Dark Souls builds

Requirements: Falchion, Sunlight Blade, Power Within

A simple PVE build that can completely destroy bosses – and it’s not bad against other players either. This one of the best Dark Souls builds is all about powering up the fastest hitting weapon in the game. 

Falchion is very fast, and you can build a 4-hit combo easily with enough stamina. Throw some Faith learning how to get the Sunlight Blade Miracle, and apply the Power Within Pyromancy. Your weapons become absurdly powerful, some bosses will take them down in just a few seconds. 

Use Wield the Falchion 2H to deal even more damage! This build is all about speed, so you’ll also want to make sure you can scroll fast and move with full mobility. Not that it has to be too difficult. You don’t need much protection when you’re this strong.

The Fast Dad Build – best Dark Souls builds

Best Dark Souls Builds

Requirement: Havel’s Armor Set, Zweihander, Grass Crest Shield, Mask of the Children, Ring of Favor & Protection, Havel’s Ring

Because the Giants aren’t fast enough. This is a Lightning Bruiser build without any lightning which is also a lot easier to achieve. Get the Havel’s Armor Set, put on the Mask of the Children, put on the Havel’s Ring (and the Ring of Favor & Protection), then smash the Grass Crest Shield into your back while you use the Zweihander’s 2 hands. 

Combining this guy and building to Endurance 40 will make you super tough and super fast. You can fast scroll, attack, and mid-roll while compositing and more prepared so you won’t be interrupted too easily.

This is a faster version of Giant Dad, and you can spend those souls upgrading Zweihander to Chaos or Lightning components when you’re ready. This is all about protection and causing easy damage.

The Giant Dad Build

Best Dark Souls Builds

Requirements: Giant Armor Set, Zweihander Sword, Grass Crest Shield, Mask of the Father, Havel’s Ring

Legend returns. If you haven’t tried the infamous “Giant Dad” build, it might be time to play Dark Souls again. This fun PVP build is designed to be as OP as possible. With the right stats (and lots of wear) you can fully maneuver with the Giant’s Armor Set while also wielding the Zweihander 2H sword. 

Equip yourself with Mask of the Father, Havel’s Ring, and Grass Crest Shield to improve your mobility. You are now an invincible tank that can attack Zweihander four times, dealing insane damage.