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4 Best Fallout 4 Builds That Will Make You Wanna Play Again

Fallout 4 Builds

Fallout 4 Builds

Every few years, we think about escaping the vault and exploring the vast open world of the Commonwealth again. Fallout 4 is the most expansive of the Bethesda Fallout games, giving you a lot more options than ever before. You can rebuild civilization by settlement with a massive crafting system that has never been more complex. Put all the DLC and mods on top and you’ll have loads of mixed content that most of us would have a hard time reaching. That’s the content of these 4 Fallout 4 builds.

Full-Time Minuteman Build

Fallout 4 Builds

Requirements: Need “We Are The Minutemen!” Mod

The Minutemen are the default faction you’ll join early on in Fallout 4, but their methods of indoctrinating civilization can get annoying the further you get into the game. To change every things up, try downloading the “We Are The Minutemen!” mod – a mod that completely improves Minutemen Faction, making them more powerful and less aggravating.

This mod instantly reduces the number of Minutemen Radiant Quests you will receive, increases the range of Flare Guns, and gains more control over your faction with the Special Command Panel at the Castle. 

From here, you can create new Minutemen NPCs and send them to guard your settlements throughout Boston. No more rushing to protect your settlers from bandits! And you can even get Power Armor Minutemen to aid you in battle. This is one of the Fallout 4 builds we recommend for you.

Syringer Only Silliness Build – Fallout 4 builds

Fallout 4 Builds

Requirement: Syringer + Mod “Overhaul Syringer”

One of the weirdest weapons in Fallout 4 is the Syringer. Finally, you’ll be able to unlock a variety of weird, wonderful syringe ammo that causes chaos – like the Bloatfly Larva Syringe, which causes fireflies to spawn from corpses. You can paralyze targets, blind them, or poison them with Syringer. You can even induce Frenzy, which makes people stick together.

If that’s still not enough, try using the Mod “Syringer Overhaul” which adds even more ridiculous functions. You can turn enemies into Ghouls, disarm them, or reprogram robots. 

And the mod makes crafting a variety of ammo easier by adding bonuses to the Chemist perks. Each rank multiplies the amount of Syringer ammo you will craft, making this a much more viable gameplay.

Stealth Shooter Build – Fallout 4 builds

Requirement: Any Silenced Weapon, Sneak, Ninja 

If you’ve never played Fallout 4 with Sneak + Ninja skills, you owe it to yourself to try this super simple build. All you need is any Silenced Gun (I prefer Delivery Man) and lots of perks that go into Sneak and Ninja. Ninja increases the amount of damage you deal when attacking from stealth, while Sneak increases your sneak attack. 

Once Sneak is fully ranked, you’ll be able to hide anywhere while crouching and can even take out enemies that have engaged in battle. Almost any gun can do enough damage for ammo mounts, but a Gauss Rifle with a Suppressor attachment is the definition of overkill.

For the legendary undefeated Gauss Rifle, get Last Minute from the Castle. This one will come with a Suppressor! So you’re ready to stack sky-high stealth attack bonuses.

Luckiest Shotgunner Build

Fallout 4 Builds

Requirements: Double-barreled Shotgun, LUCK, Critical Banker, Grim Reaper’s Sprint, Four Leaf Clover

The simple Double-Barrel Shotgun may not look good, but this baby can become one of the deadliest weapons in the game if you choose the right perks. Customize a Dual-barreled Shotgun with a sawed barrel and a Modified Receiver to take +300% more critical damage. Increase your LUCK to unlock the Critical Banker and you can stock up on four cribs! 

Then there are even more perks giving you the chance to earn more cots instantly. Combining the right perks (and gear, etc.) and Dual Crates can deal +700% Critical Damage or more. The Double-Barrel is an important machine, and finding a Legendary version will make you more of a killing machine.

Also, get Richochet perks. This causes enemies to kill themselves with ricochet shots but rarely. Since everyone shoots at you all the time, this lucky benefit activates more often than you might think. This is the best build in our Fallout 4 builds list.