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4 Best Skyrim Builds That Will Make You Wanna Play Again

Skyrim Builds

Skyrim Builds

Skyrim gives players a whole country to explore – the world is full of quests and characters to meet, but most of us will just go through all that content with one character. Why limit yourself when there’s a whole world of quirky, insanely strong (or absurdly weak) Skyrim builds to experiment with.

Instakill Knife Build – Skyrim builds

Skyrim Builds

Requirements: Vauldr’s Lucky Dagger, Shrouded Gauntlet, Assassin’s Blade Perk, Sneak 50

Want to kill everyone with a small knife? Just combine this weapon, armor, and skill. Get Vauldr’s Lucky Dagger from Moss Mother Cavern, Shrocted Gauntlets by joining the Dark Brotherhood, or kill Dark Brotherhood and Assassin’s Blade Perk assassins from the Sneak skill tree. 

Assassin’s Blade Perk + Shrocted Gauntlets gives you +x30 extra normal damage to dagger attacks. If you’re an Orc with the Berserker Rage power active, that number doubles to +x60! And with Vauldr’s Lucky Dagger, you’ll always score Critical Hits. Vauldr’s Lucky Dagger’s bonus isn’t a spell, so you’ll always get a +25% chance of hitting a critical hit.

The Vamp Slap Build – Skyrim builds

Requirements: Vampire Lord Form, Vampiric Grip

The Vampire Lord powers available in the Dawnguard expansion aren’t all that impressive towards the end of the game. To really get OP, you need to be creative – and that creativity comes in the form of hilariously broken Vampiric Grip powers. This will become available when you level up the second perk for Vampire Lords. 

Vampiric Grip allows you to force enemies to suffocate, hold them in mid-air, and then unleash them. Instead of launching them into a wall, try launching enemies directly into the sky. Drop damage will rip them apart, and most bosses are stuck in high-ceilinged arenas.

Instant Summoner Army Build

Skyrim Builds

Requirements: Conjuration 100, Dead Thrall, Flame Thrall, Frost Thrall, Storm Thrall

While we are talking about Conjuration, this is one of the great Skyrim builds that you create an army of powerful creatures to protect you forever from any enemies. These companions are always attached to you and you can always restore them after they die. Most players probably won’t mess with the Conjuration Spell for long. 

But if you reach Conjuration 90 you’ll unlock a special quest in the College of Winterhold to become a Conjuration Master – and the reward is monster summon spells this permanent thing. You can easily reach Conjuration 90 at the start of the game by using a Soul Trap on your horse for an hour or by attacking any of your dead creatures.

Richest Adventurer In Skyrim Build

Skyrim Builds

Requirements: Transmute Conjuration Spell

Transmute is one of the best spells in the game when it comes to money-making. If you want to play Skyrim again and don’t want to cheat you can make easy money with this single spell – just grab the Transmute from the paused Spring Camp near Whiterun (it’s on the table) and start casting. 

Transmute changes regular Iron Ore into Silver Ore, then a second use turns it into Gold Ore. Just take a break between uses and you can turn one of the most popular Skyrim builds into an infinite money-making scheme.