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4 Free PC Programs Every Gamer Should Have – Gamelist

free PC programs

free PC programs

You’ve just spent a lot of money on a brand new gaming PC, or you’ve successfully created a custom build. While gamers can quickly flock to must-have software like Steam, there’s still plenty of great software that you want to download. Likewise, it might be too easy to label Steam on this free PC programs list, so we’ll recommend some of the alternatives out of other freebies worth a try.


For those of you who are really starting to tinker with your gaming PC then you might have chosen to do some overclocking. This is a great way to help improve your gaming speed and experience with the latest titles that might be a bit resource-intensive compared to your setup.

While you want to be careful with your builds and overclocking, you’ll also want to check your system’s stability. This is where free PC programs like Prime95 come into play. With this program, users can check the stability of the CPU and RAM. During the test, you can know if your overclock was successful or if there are any underlying issues that may need to be resolved before you start gaming.

Discord – free PC programs

Connecting with friends online is easy and there are all kinds of apps and means to do it. Though it’s clear that the main source gamers are using today is Discord. This is a VOIP software, in which gamers can chat via text or voice with friends.

Most people use Discord, and it’s incredibly easy to set up a private channel where your group of friends or group can communicate during gameplay. Likewise, there are a number of individuals and popular online media who use apps to engage gamers and chat with each other.

Due to its simplicity and popularity, you may want to uninstall Skype and consider using Discord as your primary source of communication online. Also, if you don’t want to install the program on your computer, there’s a web client so you can still communicate online with your friends.

JoyToKey – free PC programs

JoyToKey in the same way as the Keytweak. Unlike Keytweak, however, instead of remapping your keyboard keys to another button, you can remap any gamepad you like on your PC. After all, some gamepad controllers don’t seem to work well with certain video games.

While most games work perfectly with Microsoft’s Xbox controller, you still run into the problem where a simple game doesn’t support anything other than a keyboard and mouse, or perhaps The game is too old for the gamepad to really support.

Flawless Widescreen

If you jump into the super widescreen craze then you might have a problem with the video game screen once or twice. There are still a few video games released to the market that don’t offer ultra-widescreen support, and that usually means playing video games with black bars on the sides. This also doesn’t mean older games will experience the same issue.

For those looking for a quick fix then we recommend the Perfect Widescreen. This is one of the free PC programs that help in FOV make selected games work with your widescreen display. Actually, not all games are supported, in fact, the download page will take you to a list of which video games work with this software, but you will find that most titles Popular AAA videos will all be included.

Hopefully, in the future, the developers will take note of the group of gamers out there who prefer a super-wide monitor setup to traditional gaming monitors. But until then, Flawless Widescreen will do it.