July 31, 2021


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4 new League champions set to release in 2021

4 new League champions

4 new League champions set to release in 2021 – Some specifics about what League Of Legends players can expect in 2021 have been tossed out by Riot Games. The big ticket is the coming of four new champions throughout the year, kicking off this month with the Ruined King himself. 

4 new League champions

Three other new champions will also be joining the game down the line, although their identities are quite a bit of a secret.

The Ruined King set of skills have also been revealed and he sounds, as supposed royalty is going to be, quite possessive. The ability of Viego’s “Sovereign’s Domination” temporarily controls an enemy champion he helped kill, giving him access to their items and skills.

4 new League champions HintsĀ 

League of Legends lead producer champion Ryan “Reav3” Mireles teased fans with new champions set to be released in 2021. There were several hints throughout the video that caused people to start establishing their own theories.

An AP based top laner is the first champion teased by Reav3. He used several specific words, such as “tailor-made for top lane” and “sow together a new champion for the return of the Ruined King.” In the Ruined King game, there is also an Easter egg pertaining to this champion.

“Reav3 then spoke of a “gloomy new artillery mage” who would “prefer if we didn’t bother her at all.” He also suggested that she’s a new Yordle champion who doesn’t like Bandle City’s brightness.

Finally, Reav3 teased a new marksman that’s going to be similar to Senna in that they’re going to carry a non-traditional style of AD. He said fans should keep their eyes open for a “new sentinel of light” in the upcoming Champion Roadmaps.

This year will be jam-packed with content for players in the League to enjoy. And fans should only expect the best from Riot Games in 2021, with three new champions already in the works.