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4 of the most popular heroes at The Frankfurt Major tournament in DOTA 2

the most popular heroes

the most popular heroes

At the recent Frankfurt Major tournament, players still encounter the familiar heroes that continue to storm Germany. In this article, we will take a look at the most popular heroes at the Frankfurt Major.

DOOMBRINGER – the most popular heroes

Standing at No. 1 of the most popular hero, Doombringer, the demon lord of hell, must be mentioned. Although not appearing much in matches, but do not underestimate the influence and strength of this hero. Remember that this is the hero with the highest number of bans in both the group stage and the Main Event and is often the first ban of most teams. Almost no one wants the opponent to pick Doombringer, and this hero has become one of the subjects discriminated against as Leshrac at The International 5. 

Doom’s power has been significantly improved by Valve in this version, not to mention the Demon Lord’s ultimate will almost immediately destroy an opponent in the team fight. In addition, the demon king is also very versatile when it can adapt very well to many positions. Doom in the current version is often used in the offlane position, can also play as a true carry.

In addition, some teams are even greedy when using this hero jungle as a 4th core in the team. Hegemony and so versatile, no wonder this hero became the top ban at The Frankfurt Major.

TUSKAR – the most popular heroes

Widely used from The International 5, Tuskar has not shown signs of hypothermia so far. This is one of the heroes with the most popular heroes picks of The Frankfurt Major this year. Not to mention Tuskar also frequently appears on the ban roster of most matches, though not as much as Doom.

Just like Doom, Tuskar can be played in many positions, the most common is still in the support position. The relative reduction in strength after the International 5 made this hero no longer a hot pick for the offlane. But could not, therefore, disregard the power of this icy snowball. Able to block the road with Ice Shark, Tuskar can completely support his teammates when chasing or running away.

Similarly, Snowball, when this skill has up to 4 seconds, can save allies, smash the opponent and stun the opponent. Just look at the way Pieliedie uses Tuskar to drag EEusk’s Huskar into Snowball to save his life in a decisive battle with EG can see the usefulness of this skill.

The ultimate of Tuskar also causes the amount of control. The slow effect is quite good, especially since this is also the skill to penetrate BKB. It is not difficult to understand when this snowman has been extremely hot since The International 5.


Since being put into the professional arena in version 6.85, almost immediately Winter Wyvern has become one of the hot support of most teams. At The International, the frequency of the ice dragon’s appearance is still relatively limited, unpopular but not so disgraceful. But at The Frankfurt Major, in the Main Event alone, Winter Wyvern was picked up to 27 times, losing only to another hot boy, Tuskar.

In addition to the ultimate Winter Curse ultimate, the other skill set also makes Winter Wyvern among the current popular supports. Featured in the hard support position, it does not really need too many items for this ice dragon to be useful. The ability to support teammates of Winter Wyvern is also quite good when Cold Embrace can completely heal. It helps teammates to buy time in intense combat situations.

Especially when the physical damage carries are prevalent like Anti Mage, Huskar, or Ember Spirit. This skill of the Winter Wyvern becomes a hard counter of these heroes. Therefore, Winter Wyvern becomes 1 of the top the most popular heroes in DOTA 2