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4 Ridiculously Funny Achievements We Just Had To Unlock

funny achievements

funny achievements

These are challenges that make us laugh and surprise us with that fun, whimsical, or incredibly creative. There’s something special about these funny achievements and we list the 4 funniest ones.

Go Outside [Stanley Parable] – funny achievements

The Stanley Fable is a strange little game packed with amusing achievements. Get an achievement for exiting a game and starting over, clicking on the door 430 times, or playing the game for full 24 hours on Tuesday. But one of the funny achievements of all is ‘Go Outside’ – something that challenges you to put the game down and not come back for five years.

That is completely ridiculous. And until a few years ago, that wasn’t even possible – the original game was released in 2013, so this achievement couldn’t even be unlocked (without cheating) until 2018. And that’s it. only if you bought it upon release. Waiting a lot, but we cannot do it. I’ve marked the date on my calendar so we can go back and unlock achievements properly.

Cooking By The Book [Hate Plus]

One of the funny achievements ever found in a quirky Steam visual novel – Hate Plus takes you into the Generation Ship, trying to solve a complex mystery. You’ll also spend a lot of time chatting and we don’t know why I’m explaining this, because you don’t even need to play the game to win this particular achievement.

To unlock “Cooking By The Book”, you just need to take a photo of a handmade cake and send it straight to the developer. Yes, very serious! Main creator Christina Love has finally put everyone in the tribute system – you can’t keep checking the cake and unlocking achievements manually forever! Now players can enter the code [12101989 + 0] on the main menu to unlock.

Master of Controls [Splosion Man]

This is a title that most of us missed and for a very good reason. In Splosion Man, you play the role of a character that can only explode. There’s only one button and every button on your controller does it: explode. Interestingly, in order to achieve this feat, you’ll have to go into the settings to make the change.

To win ‘Master of Controls’, just remap a single button to any other button. This is completely unnecessary, and the fact that the developers even put in this dumb trick is pretty ridiculous. We respect putting jokes in your settings menu – it’s incredibly rare, so we have to enjoy it.

Irony [Bioshock 2] – funny achievements

Bioshock 2 may not be as influential as the original, but it has a damn prank record/title. Before talking about ‘9-Irony’, we have to talk about another trophy; The irony from the original Bioshock. In Bioshock, the villain Sander Cohen forces you to take creepy shots – beat him and snap a picture that helps you win the ‘Irony’ feat, one of the smallest surprises in a game full of those pictures.

Bioshock 2 refers to that delightfully creepy trophy with its own – to earn ‘9-Irony’ you’ll need to smash an Andrew Ryan animation with a golf club. Andrew Ryan, the creator of the underwater city of the Bioshock series, met his death at the hands of a golf club.