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4 Scariest Moments In Games That shouldn’t be Scary

scariest moments in games

scariest moments in games

Violent action games or horror RPGs like Dark Souls don’t apply here, this list is just about games that make us suffer from something super scary that we don’t at all prepare in advance. Here are the 4 scariest moments in games that aren’t terrifying at all.

Deepnest [Hollow Knight] – scariest moments in games

Hollow Knight is the ‘darkest’ game on our list – as it’s literally black and white. The art style is bleak and monotonous, but you’ll see a lot of cute flaws on your trail. It is not exactly a horror game and most of the creatures you meet are not too threatening. Overall, Hollow Knight’s early hours are a bit spooky, but nothing to trouble the younger kids.

All problems lie in Deepest. When you reach lower levels of this Metroidvania, you will have to go into the terrifying, poison-filled caves of the Deepnest. Filled with novel enemies and engulfed in darkness, every inch of the place is a tense maze.

You will have to carefully travel through a seemingly endless series of narrow passages rife with new enemies. It’s a pleasant experience even if you’re an adult and one of the creepy parts in game fully playable for an E10 + audience.

Shalebridge Cradle [Thief 3]

This is possibly the scariest thing on our list. It could be the scariest moments in games ever. The Shalebridge Cradle is a terrifying diversion – an unexpected turn in Thief 3 that most of us would have completely unaware of. Thief 3 is a simple stealth game where you break into the bad guy’s house and rob everything you can.

Sure it’s a dark game, but darkness is your friend. As a Thief, you’re safe in the dark! And you can always take down the guards. The Shalebridge Cradle makes the darkness envelop – as you enter the haunted lair, monstrous ghosts covered in metal cages lurk the corridors.

This level was so frightening, it gave birth to a whole genre of imitation. Games like Outlast and Amnesia have Thief 3 to thank.

Alphys’s Lab [Undertale]

In the early minutes of Undertale, the indie flick had a sinister edge, it was all about making friends instead of enemies. No one dies in Undertale, and your hero uses good humor and very determination to make friends with even your bitterest foes. It’s a cute story where danger stalks every corner, but everyone gets through the day.

Until you reach the spooky place where the Alphys Secret Laboratory is located. This hidden location is only available in the True Ending Route, and it’s one of the scariest moments in games. The dark, abandoned interior is haunted by the inanimate amalgamation of enemies you’ve fought before. Some are silly, while others are extremely worried. There are creepy and spooky rides everywhere, making you really feel uncomfortable if you play in the dark.

Kali [Gravity Rush 2] – scariest moments in games

Gravity Rush 2 is a game that is not afraid to go big. In the second act of the game, you will return to your homeland flying in the clouds and fight a fallen hero who has turned into a nightmare monster. The previous military project has exploded in size, turning into something out of the ordinary for Akira. In a family-friendly game with no other horror element, this boss is a shock to the system.

It was a mass of light, covered with screaming faces, tentacles, arms, and legs – all disfigured and horrible.