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4 tricks to help players climb rank becomes easier in Dota 2

4 tricks to help players climb rank becomes easier in Dota 2

4 tricks to help players climb rank becomes easier in Dota 2

Climb the rank – an experience that is no stranger to most of us in Dota 2. While there is no “miraculous” method for increasing MMR quickly, there are still some “tricks” you can use to make this journey less stressful.


The bracket is your level “framework” (Legends, Divine, Archon, etc.) there always exists a certain “trend” depending on the meta, knowledge, and level of the respective gamers. Therefore, focusing on the issue of ban/pick and researching strong heroes is a big part of helping you improve the quality of the game as well as the process of the climb the rank in Dota 2.

For example, within the Rank range Legend, heroes like Lone Druid, Lycan, or Visage are having a very high win rate. They are all very difficult to deal with most opponents at this level and are worth learning to play.

On the contrary, you can research heroes who counter the hot picks above. For example, Lone Druid has a pretty bad win rate against Naga, Huskar, Winter Wyvern, or Razor.

Practicing focus heroes and their counter will make sure you get a significant impact in every game and make the drafting stage less difficult because you don’t know what to play in the climb the rank process. Most of these useful data can be found on data sites like Dotabuff.


Combat is an important part of the climb of the rank process in Dota 2. A team fight failure can lead to a quick comeback, especially in mid/late game. Although you do not control the entire scenario in each fight, you can clearly define your mission and make the most of your hero’s power.

For example, Abaddon – this hot boy in Offlane position can show his face in each team fight to attract as much enemy attention as possible. Borrowed Time is a great skill of a Tanker, and his position is almost always in the front line to catch rain of bullets and bullets, helping his teammates fight in safety.

In contrast, heroes based on spells like Rubick, Lion, or Oracle should prioritize the rear in the team fight. 60 damage to the hand or a little bit of nuke does not make much sense if a hero that is close to the enemy can rush in and kill you before all skills are used properly.

When playing these heroes, standing on the edge and waiting for the opportunity to appear is better than being too aggressive and not being able to complete your task. Of course, not always choosing the same position (it is hard to hide when the enemy has Riki or BH). Please pay attention to experience each time the team fights to improve this skill to improve the climb the rank process.


Mobility is a very important factor, but when focusing on the climb the rank, you should only focus on a certain number of heroes. After researching the hot picks in your Bracket, master a few heroes and just spam them for a long time. A number of top leaderboard players in the past have successfully used this tactic (typically Badman with Specter).

For example, if you like the ganker style, make sure to hold some of the same fighting heroes like Mirana, Night Stalker, or Riki to complete the mission of each game.

This is even more important when you climb the rank in MMRs when everyone uses your own “hero”, and you need to know the basics when picking your hero. This is also a way to progress very well with that hero as well as learn how to deal with them on the enemy side. Always try to train with at least 2 heroes in each position to always meet the needs of the team in each match.


Placing yourself in the position of a more skilled and knowledgeable gamer is one of the fastest learning and advancing ways to climb the rank in Dota 2. Along with that hero, those early game money basically, track and find out how they move, farm, call the team or choose items in each of their other stages and the reason behind those decisions. Some gamers like Misa (domestic) or BSJ (foreign) often go into the explanation of these moves to make the viewer easier to understand, while Arteezy is much less talkative but also worth watching to learn ( except for climbing on a scenic hill).

For core gamers, make the most of the resources in the forest. When the lane becomes too dangerous or pushed too high, every bit of gold earned from neutral monsters will help you improve GPM / XPM – especially when you move and pull/stack properly to optimize this process.

Meanwhile, with Support, moving and selecting positions in the team fight as well as Ward positions are extremely important, and players with strategic minds like Lis (domestic) or PPD (foreign) are very interested. focus on these aspects.