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4 Zoomers vs D2 Hustlers Prediction – BTS Pro Series – 11/02

4 Zoomers vs D2 Hustlers Prediction

4 Zoomers vs D2 Hustlers prediction on November 02, 2021. Owning quality names in the safe lane like Yuma, 1437, or Davai Lama. Of course, it is not surprising that D2 Hustlers have the advantage in the early game. Yuma is a jungler with very good personal skills, 1437 has a very good protection ability and Davai Lama has a good teamfight ability.

4 Zoomers Overview

4 Zoomers vs D2 Hustlers Prediction

This round 4 Zoomers seems to have an easy time in the race to the top of the standings. They only have to meet D2 Hustlers, a relatively easy opponent to play at this point. Statistics of 3 previous encounters 4 Zoomers have never won. But at the moment they are in high form so they are ready for successful revenge.

D2 Hustlers Overview

4 Zoomers vs D2 Hustlers Prediction

D2 Hustlers are struggling in their starting series, after 3 matches they only brought back 3 draws. It was clearly a disappointment for D2 Hustlers, the team that finished third in season 8. Their matches showed a fragility that seemed to be on the way to a loss. Against an opponent who is in high form like the 4 Zoomers, failure seems inevitable.

4 Zoomers vs D2 Hustlers Prediction

It can be seen that the strategy of D2 Hustlers safe lane is very important. They need Yuma to be green early to be able to take away the turrets as quickly as possible to create a large gap in terms of money. 

At the end of the game, Davai Lama’s ability to initiate combat will contribute to creating a turning point. So that the entire D2 Hustlers team will sweep up and sweep the opponent straight into the main house.

However, those calculations will not be possible on this day of competition when their opponent is 4 Zoomers. 4 Zoomers are in the hands of people who can counter the gameplay of D2 Hustlers. Special attention must be paid to offlane player Moo of 4 Zoomers. This guy will play a key role to deal with the trio of Yuma – 1437 – Davai Lama. 

4 Zoomers vs D2 Hustlers Prediction

As a tough name in the single lane, Moo has a very wide influence on the game. Not only roaming and even catching him alone, but he can also completely do well. Not only that, the mid-lane with Gunnar’s appearance was enough to crush papatooty early on. Allowing him to roam to support other teammates whenever there was danger. 

It can be seen that with two important positions that are superior to D2 Hustlers. It is considered that the strategy of putting items for Yuma will go bankrupt. While Yuma is still struggling to find a way to break through. Costabile is still gradually increasing steadily, so the game will immediately balance in the middle and benefit the 4 Zoomers in the late game.

4 Zoomers vs D2 Hustlers Bet Prediction

4 Zoomers vs D2 Hustlers total score prediction:

  • 4 Zoomers 1-0 D2 Hustlers
  • 4 Zoomers 1-0 D2 Hustlers

Total score 2-0 (4 Zoomers win handicap 1.5)

First blood:

  • Game 1: D2 Hustlers
  • Game 2: 4 Zoomers

Total rounds:

  • Game 1: 4 Zoomers 32-20 D2 Hustlers (Over)
  • Game 2: 4 Zoomers 35-21 D2 Hustlers (Over)


4 Zoomers: Costabile,  Zfreek, Gunnar,  Moo, Husky

D2 Hustlers: Yuma, 1437,  papatooty,  PandaEgo, Davai Lama