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5 Best Mobile Legends Counter Heroes for Cecilion in 2020

Best Mobile Legends Counter Heroes for Cecilion in 2020

Here are the 5 best recommended Mobile Legends Heroes to Counter Cecilion in 2020! Cecilion is still one of the best mage hero in Mobile legends in the mid game to late game. The magic damage output from Cecilion’s magic stacks is so great that it can even kill one squishy enemy hero with just one hit. Not to mention, Cecilion’s ultimate increases your movement speed while slowing your enemies down. Plus, it basically gives you life-steal while dealing damage. We will provide you with the 5 best Mobile Legends heroes for the most effective counter for Cecilion that you can try. Let’s take a quick look below. 

Best Mobile Legends Counter Heroes for Cecilion in 2020


Natalia, is arguably one of the best counters for Cecilion. Natalia is an assassin hero who specializes in attacking the backline of a team. Her ability to conceal herself is one of the things that the enemies hate the most. In addition, She is able to deal critical strikes damage and silencing them. The silence from her skill is so important as it allows Natalia to lock down enemies such as mages and squishy enemies before they can get their combo off.

Helcurt – Mobile Legends

Best Mobile Legends Counter Heroes for Cecilion in 2020

Helcurt is one the best assassin in mobile legends. Helcurt has the ability to finish off enemies and disappear from the map quickly. In addition, Helcurt also has a high Burst Damage rate to finish off opponents. As a damage dealer, Helcurt is very effective against Cecilion. Helcurt has an ability that silences and deactivates his enemy’s skills for a few seconds. Hence, in general, Helcurt is the perfect choice to counter Cecilion.


Aldous is considered an annoying opponent for Cecilion. Aldous has very high physical damage in the late game due to his skill 1. Each stack increases the damage of this skill by 8 points permanently. Cecilion will have a very hard time fighting Aldous in the late game. Aldous also has an ultimate skill that allows him to lock onto the enemy and fly directly to the target. Cecilion is guaranteed to die in one hit.


As a mage hero that’s good at poking, Cecilion will have a hard time dealing with Chou. The reason is, Chou is able to find an opening to approach Cecilion’s position and catch him unaware with his ultimate skill – The Way of Dragon. In addition, Cecilion will also find it difficult to direct his attacks at Chou because Chuo skill 2 allows him to be immune to control effects during the dash. Chou will also increase his physical penetration and obtain a shield.

Best Mobile Legends Counter Heroes for Cecilion in 2020

As an agility assassin, Hayabusa is sure to be able to defeat Cecilion due to Hayabusa high burst damage and speed. It will certainly be very difficult for Cecilion to hit Hayabusa with his skills when Hayabusa casts his ultimate skill. In addition, with Hayabusa’s ultimate skill “Shadow Kill”, Hayabusa can easily kill Cecilion.