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5 Facts about Fairy Tail Force Unite, Free Characters & Items!

Fairy Tail Force Unite

Garena announced the launch of its newest game, Fairy Tail Force Unite in December 2020. After a long wait, you can finally download this game directly on the Play Store and App Store. 

This MMORPG presented by Kodansha and Garena is sure to be loved by anime and manga fans Fairy Tail. Besides being familiar with the characters and the environment, you can also bring the story to life as you like.

There are lots of fun and interesting things that you must know about Fairy Tail Force Unite! Let’s take a look!

Fairy Tail Force Unite

A Fairy Tail Original Story Adaptation

Can you imagine, you can bring your favorite anime characters to life in the game? This game can bring your imagination to life that was not in the original story. Now you can go on an adventure with Natsu Dragneel, Erza Scarlet, Gray Fullbuster, and other characters.

Of course, the skills used by Natsu and his friends were also adapted from the anime. Can you imagine, you can use Natsu’s brutal Fire Dragon Breath and Erza Scarlet’s cool magic! Well, there’s something even more epic! This MMORPG game turns out to adapt the complete character along with the original voice actor in the anime!

Fun Gameplay 

Fairy Tail Force Unite

In the game story, you can choose one of the eight original Fairy Tail characters.

After choosing a character, you will also choose one of the nine different classes of magicians. There are Requip, Velocity, Soundwave, Force, Snow, Guardian, Elixir, Alphabet, and Cure. Each class certainly has its own advantages.

In a way, those of you who have watched the anime or read Fairy Tail manga will surely understand. Just combine the classes and the skills. In order to get the title S Wizard, you have to complete all the existing missions.

Complete Social Features in Game

As an MMORPG, this Fairy Tail Force Unite game is already equipped with a package of interesting features. There are social features, guilds, mentorship, building a house, and even a marriage feature.

Get Erza Scarlet for Free – Fairy Tail Force Unite

Fairy Tail fans must know Erza Scarlet. The good news is that you can get Erza for free! You only need to download the game, and you can claim this one character for free.

Log in to Get Free SS Laxus – Fairy Tail Force Unite

Laxus Dreyar is an iconic character who rarely appears in anime stories. However, this character has been named one of the strongest wizards in Magnolia. But you can get SS Laxus for free. 

It’s really easy, you just only need to log in to the game every day. There are lots of login gifts that you can claim every day too.

Fairy Tail Force Unite

Apart from these special characters, you will also have the opportunity to get one of the coolest Magic Beasts. There are Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue Cats that you can choose from. After logging in for 14 days you can also get an Exclusive Mount, namely the Windchasing Horse.

That’s it for the 5 fun facts of Fairy Tail Force Unite! Stay tuned for more news and updates!