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Mobile Legends: 5 heroes who are really suitable for using Lightning Truncheon!


Lightning Truncheon in Mobile Legends, is a Magic Damage item that is perfect for Hero Mage. Lightning Truncheon can provide an additional 75 Magic Power, 300 Mana, and a 10% reduction in the cooldown duration.


Apart from that, Lightning Truncheon also has a passive ability – Resonate. This passive ability can provide bonus Magic Damage in the area for each Magic skill usage. The Magic Damage bonus is calculated based on the total Mana you have. The more Mana you have, the total bonus Magic Damage will also be even greater.

Reflecting on the addition of these attributes, Lightning Truncheon is very suitable for use by Hero Mages who have the ability of Burst Damage with a long cooldown skill duration. In addition, this item is very suitable for a Mage who has a high amount of Mana. Usually, this item is combined with Clock of Destiny so that the Mana gain is even greater.

Pharsa – Lightning


Pharsa is a Mage with a very deadly Burst Damage ability. To increase her Burst Damage even further, Pharsa is quite suitable for Lightning Truncheon. With this item, Pharsa can rely on Lightning Truncheon passive to provide extra bonus Magic Damage to her skills. That way, Pharsa will be much more dangerous and faster to finish off the enemies

Pharsa actually does have a relatively short cooldown skill duration. However, she needs an increase in Magic Power as soon as possible in the early-game. Apart from that, the passive ability – Resonate can also help Pharsa in optimizing large area damage. No wonder, Lightning Truncheon ends up being one of the most significant magical offensive items.


For the current meta, Kagura is very rarely the first choice to play as a midlaner. As a Mage, Kagura has very high Burst Damage. With just one skill combination, Kagura can finish off the enemy very quickly. Unfortunately, Kagura doesn’t have a good sustainability. So, Kagura often relies on the Clock of Destiny in battle. 

After getting the Clock of Destiny, Kagura has to get the Lightning Truncheon to maximize the Mana bonus from Clock of Destiny. That way, Kagura can increase her Burst Damage, thanks to the bonus Magic Damage from the item passive – Resonate. In addition, Lightning Truncheon can reduce her cooldown duration. With a short cooldown duration, Kagura can spam her skills and actively participate in the battle and maximize her skill combination to finish off enemies.



As a Mage, Vale relies heavily on skill usage orientation. To solve the lack of Mana, Vale usually gets Clock of Destiny and Mana Boots at the beginning of the match. After getting those 2 items. Vale usually will get  Lightning Truncheon, as it grants Vale bonus Magic Damage from the items passive – Resonate. Resonate really means a lot to Vale to increase his overall Burst Damage.

In addition, Lightning Truncheon can also reduce his cooldown skill duration. With a short cooldown duration, Vale will be able to maximize the use of his ultimate skill – Windstorm to finish off the enemies, without the fear of lack of Mana.


Cecilion is a Mage who is the most suitable for using Lightning Truncheon. Because, Cecilion passive skill – Overflowing which can increase his Mana pool for each successful skill hit on enemies. That means he can increase Mana pool without having to buy certain items and Cecilion damage also scales with his max mana pool. 

When combining with Lightning Truncheon and Clock of Destiny, the stack – Overflowing can give Cecilion a huge amount of magical damage allowing you to get more kills.

Eudora – Lightning


Eudora is a Mage with the lack of Burst Damage. Lightning Truncheon can be a really good choice for the first item to get. The Magic Damage bonus from Lightning Truncheon passive is guaranteed to provide additional magic damage at the beginning of the game, which is very important. 

By relying on Eudora  combination skills – Electric Arrow and Forked Lightning, Eudora will be able to output a relative high amount of damage to enemies. Not to mention, the Mana bonus and Cooldown reduction can greatly increase her presence in battle.