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5 Old-School Classic PC Games that Are Still Fun to Play!

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Back when the PC weren’t as advanced as nowadays, there are some classic games that we used to play in our younger days.

While these classic titles offer sub-par graphics compared to current games, but these games have brought so much joy in our life with engaging gameplays.

So, what are the most nostalgic old-school classic PC games that we used to play? let’s take a look at the following list of classic games!


PC Games

Let’s start our list of the best old-school classic PC games with Insaniquarium. This Game House game allows you to take care of a giant aquarium and its aquatic fishes. The game is not just about feeding the fish, you are also required to fend off the monsters or aliens who try to invade and eat your fish.

Feeding Frenzy – PC Games

In aquatic-themed, we also have Feeding Frenzy. Feeding Frenzy’s gameplay is much different from Insaniquarium. In Feeding Frenzy, you will play as a tiny fish in the ocean, preying on other fish in order to get bigger and climb up the ranks to become the predator. Frenzy’s gameplay is somewhat similar to worm-themed games that have been popular back a few months ago.

Zuma Deluxe

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Deluxe is a casual classic puzzle game that used to be popular in the past. The gameplay is quite simple, all you just need to do is to match the color of the ball on the frog’s tongue to burst the balls until there’s none left. Despite its simple gameplay, players mostly spent hours playing Zuma Deluxe since it’s quite addictive and has multiple levels.

Diner Dash – PC Games

Diner Dash requires you to be the chef and the manager of a restaurant. This game by Game House was quite popular among gamers at that time, as it’s pretty challenging.

You will play as Flo, whose job is  to manage a restaurant, from taking orders, serving, to cashier. Playing Diner Dash will train your concentration limits and your mouse-clicking skill.

Mad Caps

PC Games

A lot of gamers have also spent a lot of their time playing this old-school classic game by Game House in the 2000s. Mad Caps is a puzzle game where players have to sort the lines of bottle caps according to their colors and types.