July 28, 2021


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5 Solo Squad PUBG Skills You Need To Practice

Solo Squad

Solo Squad

Solo Squad PUBG is a game mode that allows you to fight other enemy groups from 3 to 4 people alone. This is an exercise reaching a peak that not everyone can win. However, with the following 5 important tips, you will find it easier to breathe.

Quick landing – Solo Squad tip

Solo Squad

If you have played Solo Squad PUBG then for sure you will want to stay away from hot spots on the map. Instead of choosing locations that will definitely shoot each other like that, choose quieter areas to loot in peace.

When moving, look closely at the area around you because when going crowded, the enemy will be much more easily detected but you will be more difficult to detect, and most importantly, remember to move behind obstacles to make sure not Get knocked out.

Choose Weapons quickly – Solo Squad tip

After landing, the next important thing is to pick up weapons. Should choose weapons with a fast reload speed because you have to constantly confront a group of enemies, not one. The simplest example is UMP9 – fast reloading, good damage, good rate of fire.

But it is better that you attach the expansion cartridges to quickly replace your weapons because it both reduces the time to change bullets but increases the number, very useful. And remember to attach flash hider and suppressor to make it harder for the enemy to detect your location.

Shooting skills + Reasonable moves

Solo Squad

By alone you push the enemy team sounds a myth, but with this strategy with a big hand, winning is not difficult.

Take a surprise attack and knock an enemy first. Squads always panic when they are suddenly attacked. When an enemy teammate is knocked back to revive or move to a different angle and knock them down again. Take advantage of covers to push the enemy or use smoke grenades or fire grenades as a distraction and takedown each enemy one by one. It’s important to think fast to choose an angle and move before being spotted!

Take priority to pick up grenades

If you are alone, facing an enemy team, the grenade will be your best friend to be able to defeat many enemies at the same time when Solo Squad.

Explosive grenades can do wide-area damage and best of all, they can take down a squad if they’re clustered in the toilet. Molotov has a similar effect but is especially effective in bungalows.

Smoke grenades are used to distract the enemy as mentioned or help you move to the bo when surrounded. So when playing, please have yourself a few grenades.

How to handle in the last circle – Solo Squad tip

When the game has reached the final rounds, the border strategy is never outdated. Especially when you play Solo Squad let the different teams shoot instead of you having to act. Even if you detect the enemy, you should not rush to open fire because you will be exposed and in immediate danger. Transform into a Ninja waiting patiently until a squad is on the ground and pray for luck so you can defeat them all and win. Use trick number 3 to quickly defeat the enemy.