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.50GS Setup Guide And Best Attachments For Your Class in Modern Warfare

50 GS

Choosing the secondary weapon is just as important as choosing the best primary weapon in Modern Warfare. The 50 GS is arguably the most powerful pistol featured in Season 5. With the ability to do a lot of damage at close range, the gun takes down enemies in a shot or two depending on accuracy. In this guide, we’ll show you recommended attachments for equipment, the best style of play, and some Modern Warfare’s helpful tips & tricks to help you get ahead of your opponents.

50 GS Stats

50 GS

50 GS is a semi-automatic pistol in Modern Warfare. It is based on the 50 Caliber Desert Eagle pistol. Also known as Deagle.

The gun has the highest damage and is the most reliable pistol in the game. However, as with .357 Magnum. It requires the player to have a good goal. Missing out 1 or 2 shots will most likely lead to your downfall.


  • Head: 100-72
  • Upper Chest: 77-49
  • Lower Chest: 77-45
  • Legs: 70-45

Above the above damage ranges. 50 GS will kill an average of 1 to 3 shots.

  • Rate of Fire: 180RPM
  • Time to Kill: Fast

Recommended Attachments

50 GS
  • Forge TAC Enforcer (Barrel)
  • 1mW Laser (Laser)
  • Match Grade Trigger (Trigger Action)
  • 13 Round Mags (Ammunition)
  • Stippled Grip Tape (Rear Grip)

This attachment choice is the best balance between damage output, fast fire rate, and recoil control. The addition of a laser beam improves accuracy when shooting from the hip, perfect for being precise when there is no time to target down the point of interest.

50 GS Recommended Perks

The selection of skills is also essential to making the most of the pistol’s benefits. Choosing double-time to increase the length of the tactical sprint will definitely help with navigating the map quickly.

It will also allow you to take down enemies by surprise thanks to your overwhelming speed.

Amped is another useful perk when using the 50 GS as your secondary weapon.

Increased weapon swap speed will allow you to quickly switch to a secondary weapon when out of ammo for your primary weapon, or you’re in a situation where the pistol is the more viable weapon of choice.

Top Tips

Speed, Speed, Speed

Use additional moves to defeat and overtake opponents. While you have the speed advantage, it is still important to pre-mark the enemy’s position by regularly aiming at the aiming points (ADS) to catch up with any opponents that might catch you.

Be Accurate

The kill time is extremely fast, making this desert eagle clone an incredible weapon to have in the back pocket.

To outperform the gun, accuracy is key to success, especially when it’s a deadly shot when a shot hits an opponent in the head.

To ensure more shots with the pistol, aim slightly higher than normal and let the recoil of the gun do the rest!

Don’t Stop Shooting

It’s very easy to think that you would have killed using 50 GS when in fact did not.

It is important to keep firing your target until you see a kill confirmation message appear on the screen or you hear a satisfying ping of a successful headshot.