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6 Most-Played Online Games

Online Games

Are you tired of playing against a computer? These games offer players hours of playtime to play with your friends.You can easily play with players across the globe, no matter what type of experience you’re seeking.The following list contains 6 most played online games. Check out the lists below!!

VALORANT – Online Games

Online Games

VALORANT is a 5v5 character tactical shooter game from Riot Games. Each hero you play commands different abilities, displays different personalities, and boasts a distinct visual style.There’s two modes present at launch, regular play, and Spike Rush. Regular play is a 5v5 first to 13 points where both teams will take turns attacking and defending points on one of four maps. Much like Counter-Strike, you can purchase guns and armor at the start of each round.

Mobile Legends


The second mobile game is Mobile Legends by Moonton. Mobile Legends is a 5v5 mobile game for hand-held devices. Players are matched with other players across the world, displaying their country flags next to their character picks. The game also has features, including: built-in live-streaming and a library of streams to watch from within the game, as well as an esports system that allows players to spectate high level play from pro players.

Among Us – Online Games


Among Us is a multiplayer game for 4 to 10 players. In the game, you play as a crew member aboard a spaceship trying to keep your ship together and return back to Earth. Although Among Us gameplay is very simple, you have to beware as one or more players among the Crew are Impostors. You and your friends need to work together to survive and escape.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive


Counter Strike: Global Offensive or CS:GO is a legendary FPS game. CS:GO is still very popular today. Both sides are tasked with eliminating the other.The Terrorists and the Counter-Terrorists. Depending on the game mode, the Terrorists must either plant the bomb or defend hostages, while the Counter-Terrorists must prevent the bomb from being planted or rescue hostages.

DOTA 2 – Online Games

Online Games

DOTA 2 is a 5v5 popular MOBA game. You win the game by destroying the enemy’s building and by killing heroes and creeps you’ll gradually become closer to victory. Your goal is to spend your time gaining exp and gold as fast as possible. Still DOTA 2 is a team based game so you’d better try not to fight alone.


Online Games

Enter the battle royale game, PlayerUnknown’s Battleground (PUBG). If you haven’t played the game yet, here is what it’s about. In the game, you along with up to 99 other players parachute on an island. Upon landing, all players search for weapons and equipment such as armor, scopes and other supplies to kill other players. while at the same time avoid getting killed themselves.The last man or the team standing wins the game.As you play, you can earn experience and battle points based on your daily login rewards.