July 30, 2021


Game CMD 368

A Guide To Playing Magnus As A Carry-Based Dota-Style Carry Player



One of the nostalgic Magnus ’s gameplay dating back to DotA, but in many cases still works today.

How To Play Magnus – Advantages / Disadvantages



  • Disable tons
  • An abundant source of damage
  • Can help the team weigh the game or the team itself
  • Pulling late is not inferior to other pure carries


  • Need to farm a lot of furniture
  • The slightly bouncy maneuver, relying heavily on Blink dagger to fight
  • Speed ​​of sniffing at first
  • Build stray species compared to the meta, easy to eat reports of some guys retard the team

Skills Table For Magnus

Get 1 point Skewer early game to facilitate fighting if there is an exchange program in the early game. Then max Shockwave first to get the farm damage and cause damage when fighting better, followed by Empower to increase farm speed and have more damage. Ultimately get the right level

About the talent we add as follows:

  • Talent lv10: 25 attack speed is a reasonable choice because Magnus needs to finish the enemy fast in a Reverse Polarity
  • Talent lv15: Nothing special, just go straight 12 Str, just have a little more damage and increase buffalo instead of taking 75 d Shockwave
  • Talent lv20: taking 500 skewer distances is great when you can gather enemies to a better place and can escape faster thanks to this talent
  • Talent lv25: taking 20% ​​of damage / hit lan Empower is much better than talent 25 but only adds 0.75s stun bugs

How To Play Magnus


Early game

The early game checks out runes. Oh forget and this game is pushing the enemy up the hill with Skewer (they call it cliffed), you use this technique to straighten the enemies up the hill to let them die on it and call the team to scare or alert that area is by Observer ward, they will pull the courier out, easy to kill the cour to make money and the ill victim stays there for a while (this is Magnus ‘s most miserable thing: v ) At the end of the check rune phase, return to the farm lane.

Magnus last hit/denied is relatively easy thanks to the large base damage, sometimes it can shock Shockwave to clear the soldiers and structure enemy heroes, but should spam after having bought Bottle and level up from level 2 or higher to clear soldiers and structures better health.

This phase is mostly peace-loving, not greedy unless the hero on the other side is too noob you can force lanes to the lane it in the first place (but pushing high creeps, beware of the enemy roamer asking for health). Trying to farm some basic items, I took my butt and gank the stamp for 20 gg

If you are ganked while in the lane, Skewer is a great escape tool, or if you are cunning, you can always push your spaceless enemy with you to turn the table. When being ganked by your team roamer, Skewer after the roamer has disabled the opponent to approach because Skewer has a very long delay, then goes on with the roamer of the team.

Mid game

At this stage, carry your ass to gank and push, keep staying at mid so the team gets beaten up. Although he needs to farm a lot of items, the combination of the ability to farm and gank is better than standing alone, and Magnus is not a hard hero to farm money.

If Blink dagger is not available, hispopular combo is to iron Skewer to approach the enemy, use Reverse Polarity to collect the enemy, knock Shockwave to pull the blood. If you have increased points for Empower, you should buff yourself and your teammates before using combos to be able to deal the largest amount of damage.

If the enemy is playing an entrenched game in the tower, keep damaging with Shockwave and then come in, pay attention to his mana to cast, because although his ability consumes less mana, with a small pool of mana, spamming will greatly pull his mana down quickly, whatever you do, remember to save enough mana to use the Town portal scroll or Skewer to flee.

Once you have the Blink dagger, the combo changes back to a Blink dagger approaching the target (keep me close to the most enemies), knock Reverse Polarity, and iron Skewer on the team.

But wait, up there is just a reminder of the Magnus initiator combo. With the carry play, you leave Skewer in defense, when there are variables that run. Combo only needs Blink dagger to gather enemies with Reverse Polarity, pound Shockwave, press Mask of Madness, and stand to fight is okay (remember to buff Empower yourself and then plunge).

The Town portal scroll must always be available to reverse lanes or to flee when necessary.

Late game

Because of being an initiator, do not think that you want to go solo, the team needs you, kill the team like a fish. lying on the cutting board. If you have to split the team to def or farm a little more, you should ensure the vision in the area you move to. After Farm finished, he immediately returned with the retard guys

The combo is like mid-game only, you just apply. However, it is best to buy the Black King Bar at this stage so that you will not be disturbed by the enemies you collect with Reverse Polarity, turn it on, and enthusiastically bem in the fear of disabling.