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A New Battlefield Game Launches in 2021, Prepared for Next-Generation!

Battlefield 2021

The presence of a new generation of consoles, be it PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, brings fresh air to the gaming industry. The reason is, contemporary game development will reflect on new technology. One that is reportedly working on a new game is Electronic Arts, which plans to release a new Battlefield 2021 game. 

Battlefield 2021

Reported by their internal document report, CEO Andrew Wilson said that now EA is currently in the middle of developing the latest Battlefield by the team from DICE. In fact, their team had never worked on a project of this size. “The new technology in the new generation of consoles allows us to deliver new experiences to this franchise,” he quoted. 

Apart from Battlefield, EA is also reportedly developing a new game from the very popular Dragon Age franchise. In the Tech Teaser footage that was released at the EA Play 2020 event, it can be seen that the graphic rendering of the new game will use very capable technology to make the characters’ faces look very alive. With new developments, it is possible that Battlefield and Dragon Age will maximize the potential of a shorter load screen.

Battlefield 2021

Previously, a game as big as Battlefield could take a very long load screen on a PS4 or Xbox One console. With technology in the new generation of consoles, Battlefield, which will be released in 2021, can run faster. Previously, Battlefield V was released in 2018. It is not clear whether this new game will be titled Battlefield VI or EA will release a new title as a spin-off of this game. 

Looking at the CEO’s statement, it could be that the game that will be highlighted will bring a new approach that hopefully will impress its fans. Meanwhile, EA said that the game is currently undergoing trials internally. It could be that the assets of the game are currently being developed and we can see the first teaser trailer in the near future. 

What do you think about the presence of a new Battlefield game targeted at next-generation consoles? 

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