July 30, 2021


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A quick look at PUBG’s design with creative director Dave Curd



Getting a sense of the game design of PUBG’s requires a lot of collaboration and fun. The faces behind each game are a driving force behind giving a title its distinctive feel, ensuring that they connect in powerful, distinct ways with the senses of a player, and generally create an enjoyable experience.  


As every developer working on the game brings their own separate components to the process of making the Battle Royale game what it is now and what it will become in the future, PUBG is no different.

PUBG’s Madison Creative Team 

Among the most influential figures working on PUBG is creative director Dave Curd, who helps head PUBG’s Madison, WI office. In particular, Curd focuses on the creative aspect of the game, ensuring that they have what they need to ensure that the feeling of the game is as good as it can be for the other teams working on the game.

“I’m kind of accountable for how the game feels.” Curd said, “The executive producer is the person who is responsible and held accountable for what we do and how we do it. I’m somewhat of a creative counterpart to that.”

Curd and his team are storytellers, letting players know what’s going on in the PUBG world, not just through the lore, but also by making sure every aspect of the gameplay can tell their own story.

Curd and his team have helped to expand the game to a level where players can experience a story purely through collaborative gameplay, particularly in the updates added to PUBG during 2020. 

His vision for PUBG is essentially working on the game with hundreds of other individuals to create the best possible player experience.

We can try some sh*t wild! ‘Said Curd. We made a very conscious effort to take on some digestible moonshots, with big ideas on small maps. Let’s give some sh*t a try, let’s get some fun. It really helped us find our internal compass when we did that.

The very essence of the battle royale genre, no AI, no aids, no pigeonholing, is competitive PUBG. Just four players against the world, with nothing to help them but their scavenged loot and wits.  

While Curd could not reveal any specifics about what he planned for 2021, Curd and the rest of the PUBG team aim to push those big ideas into even larger worlds.