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A3: STILL ALIVE, The Latest Battle Royale MMORPG In 2020!

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A3: STILL ALIVE is currently one of the latest MMORPG battle royale games in 2020. This time Netmarble, The game developer brings players the battle royale with dark fantasy, Riots, disputes, and intense conflicts that will occur throughout the game. Different players around the globe will compete with each other.


 A3: STILL ALIVE tasks players with saving the world from a cultist plot set to destroy everything, while at the same time building a character from a novice fighter to a champion that fights their way through enemies.

Released on November 10, 2020, this latest mobile game was immediately greeted with great review. In just one week of release, A3: STILL ALIVE has been downloaded for more than one million times.

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The MMO/battle Royale Game


A3: STILL ALIVE comes with a unique concept, which combines an RPG-Style exploration with the elements of battle royale. A3: STILL ALIVE has different types of  PvP modes that can be played solo or with a team.This latest 2020 mobile game features a Dark Presence mode which includes an open-field 100 vs 100 unrestricted PK battle mode. This means that in one arena, there are 200 players who are divided into two groups fighting each other to be the sole victor.

For solo mode, the scale is much smaller, where only 30 players fight together. To be able to survive to the end and become the winner, you have to beat 29 other players.

A3: Still Alive offers players with five different characters’ classes to choose from including Berserkers Archer, Templar, Wizard and Assassin.

Friends Become FoesA3: STILL ALIVE


In the game, those who become friends can quickly escalate into foes. So, don’t be too surprised when your allies turn against you.You can’t put too much trust in this game. If you don’t want to be betrayed, you can take advantage of the Soul Linker feature. 

A feature that you cannot choose but summon, an AI partner that will help you fight your enemies. Soul Linkers help you throughout your quests in solo campaigns; you can choose from +270 Soul Linkers classified into an attack, defense, and support. The stronger your soul linker is, the stronger you will get in the game.

Come and experience the tension of the war in the A3: Still Alive and earn rare and exclusive loot by becoming the final survivor!

Guilds and CampaignsA3: STILL ALIVE

By joining a guild in A3: Still Alive, It allows you to take part in various battles with your guild members. It allows you to conquer enemy territory more easily. You can also raid other territories with your guild members. You can also take part in the Guild Festival with your guild members to obtain an exclusive chest that contains rare items.

As for the campaigns, A3: Still Alive offers solo campaigns and co-op campaigns in the vast open world, including Snowfields, Deserts, Forests, and more! Where you can do quests with your guild members. These campaigns give you experience which you can use to increase your level and upgrade your skills or weapons.