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Heroes of the Storm: Abathur Talent Build Guide


Abathur plays differently from any other Hero in the game. With his extremely low health and basic attack damage being negligible, he needs to avoid a direct confrontation with enemy Heroes. Instead, he puts pressure on the map through the use of his Global Abilities and participates in team battles by empowering his allies with Symbiote. He relies heavily on a good strategy, and can greatly benefit from (or be affected by) certain maps and team compositions.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Abathur



  • Both Heroics are viable
  • Can soak multiple lanes at once, giving XP the lead
  • Great synergy with specific Heroes
  • One of the best push-ups heroes in the game
  • You can teleport anywhere on the map (as long as you have visibility) using the Deep Tunnel
  • Toxic Nest excels at detecting and taking down enemies trying to gank an ally or sneak a target


  • Weak early game
  • Cannot solo a lane by himself
  • Body is extremely vulnerable if found
  • Requires very good multitasking and map awareness
  • The team must adapt his unique style of play to be successful
  • Survival is highly dependent on the map and team composition

Talent Build of Abathur

Symbiote Build

The Symbiote Build maximizes the combat presence of Abathur by using Talents to improve Symbiote’s Damage Skills. This presence in teamfights comes at the cost of global pressure, as you will lack the enormous lane pressure brought on by other builds.

While this is not a build that focuses on pushing lanes, it is still important to gain as much experience as possible. Since Symbiote’s Ability has a short-range, this build is ideally paired with a melee assassin who benefits from the increased attack speed.

Adrenal Overload will significantly increase the performance of some heroes, like Illidan or Greymane. When the Symbiote server is not dependent on Basic Attacks, you should get the Needlespine instead. While Calldown: Mule will be useful in most games, Vile Nest is also an option in Dragon Shire and Cursed Hollow, as it will provide a lot of spin and item control targets of the enemy.

At Level 16 Adrenaline Boost is the standard Talent, but Envenomed Spikes are a great choice against squads with limited mobility, as slow speeds will affect all enemies, interrupting their movement. Along with Dragonblade or Maiev, you can use Evolution Link at Level 20, as the extra shield and duration would be great for those Heroes.

Synergies and Counters


Synergizes with:

Abathur is very powerful with Heroes acting as the ideal Symbiote host or a good target for Ultimate Evolution. The ideal Symbiote Host is Heroes who are naturally positioned in melee range or with mobile assassins who can easily abuse the Symbiote to kill weak targets.

Countered by:

His Symbiote and Locusts help him deny the opposing team’s experience when a goal comes in, as most Heroes will need to leave the lane empty to turn around. This tactic was directly counterattacked by Heroes who could travel the world and who were struggling very effectively. He’s also very weak against champions that can join four people to push the lane down. Heroes like Sylvanas, Zarya, or Sgt. The hammers are great for that purpose, and for this reason a huge threat to the team of Abathur.