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Abbasid Dynasty Civilization Guide – Age Of Empires 4 Tips

Abbasid Dynasty Civilization

Abbasid Dynasty Civilization

The Abbasid dynasty is a highly adaptive civilization as it ignores the traditional gameplay aspect of building landmarks. Instead, the Abbasid Dynasty prioritized research and development through their House of Wisdom. These attributes make the Abbasid Dynasty Civilization completely unique in the Age of Empires 4.

Abbasid Dynasty Civilization Bonuses

  • Collecting from Berry Bushes is 25 percent faster but cannot be collected from Boar.
  • Infantry units can build Rams and Siege Towers without studying Siege Techniques.
  • Advance in the Ages by building wings from the House of Wisdom. Neighboring buildings gain five fire armor.
  • Enter the Golden Age to speed up resource gathering, research time, and production speed.
  • Dock is 50 percent cheaper.

Civilization rewards for the Abbasid Dynasty are hard to come by as they are heavily focused on technological research. The key to using these bonuses to your advantage is to constantly have your Sage and resource gathering buildings do research. 

There are several aspects that you need to prioritize in order to support a large amount of research. First, you need a lot of gold from mining and trading. Second, you must also have solid food, wood, and stone supply chain.

Creating trade routes is the best way to build a strong resource economy. If you play the water map, you should make the merchant ships as fast as possible because the docks are extremely cheap for the Abbasid Dynasty Civilization

The only problem with this super focus on research and wealth is that the competition will make you a prime target. To deal with the onslaught of enemies, make sure you build strong fortifications to protect your villagers and merchants.

Unique Units 

  • Camel Archer: Camel mounted commando unit.
  • Camel Rider: Camel-riding melee unit.

Two units that will give you the upper hand over your enemies will be Abbasid Dynasty’s Camel Archers and Riders. These Camel units move fast and give a lot of support to your infantry. 

Of course, you’ll need more than a few Archers and Camel riders to thwart enemy attacks, but these two units have unique powers. If you use their enhanced mobility to mount a flank attack or use them to lure enemies into a trap, you’ll be an unstoppable force.

Abbasid Dynasty Civilization Throughout The Ages

Age One

The first thing you want to do is create more Villagers. Meanwhile, ask your starting villager to harvest lamb and wood. Then you’ll want to build the House of Wisdom as soon as possible, perhaps right after you’ve built a few. Next, start crafting infantry units to protect your villagers.

You must continue to soon build your resources and fortifications. As soon as you have enough resources to add a wing to the Sage, use them to build an Economy Wing. Most of the time, the economy wing is the best wing to add first. 

That’s because the technologies this wing opens will increase the value of your resources by increasing your production. Also, Villagers will be 50 percent cheaper after you research Fresh Foods. These technologies are a huge boost to your productivity, and having them earlier in the game just means that this investment will yield more returns.

Age Two

For the Second Age, you’ll want to build the cultural wing. The advantage to building the current cultural wing is for Knowledge Technology Conservation. What this technology unlocks is a 30% reduction in all technology research costs.

In the long run, this technology saves you countless resources. While this guide focuses heavily on the research aspect of the Abbasid Dynasty Civilization , you must continue to build your army and defenses. Now, you should consider building markets and traders to secure even more gold earnings.

Age Three

For the Third Age, you can build either a Commercial Wing or a Military Wing. The best trading wing on the country map, but it can also land you a significant amount of gold if you plan on having loads of traders. On the other hand, The Military Wing strengthens your units and Camel units.

Your decision here depends on the current state of your commercial or military routes. For example, if it looks like your opponent is building up an army to destroy you, you should start focusing on doing the same. If you think you can spend more time studying trading technologies, then totally go for Trade Wing.

Age Four – Abbasid Dynasty Civilization

This final era is highly dependent on how your investments in the early game have paid off. Build whatever wings you have left, and don’t forget to keep researching for more.

If you have an incredible amount of resources, now will be the time to build a Landmark. Conversely, if you have a strong foothold on the Sanctuary or even feel strong enough to destroy enemy landmarks, then you can pursue those options. The victory of the Abbasid Dynasty depends a lot on what you’ve researched, so keep that in mind when you decide to make your final move.