July 27, 2021


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AD Carry The Team And Guide To Play Drow Ranger Dota 2

Drow Ranger

Drow Ranger

One of the generals is designed to cater to the needs of the Ad build and carry a team role. Instructions to play Drow Ranger Dota 2 will be the main content of this article. Let’s see what this champion has in common!

Instructions to play Drow Ranger Dota 2

Drow Ranger

If you are a passionate player, the heroes who have the power of ADC, also known as long-sleeved heroes. Then surely you are a player with skills to control the speed and last hit pretty good. Besides, skills such as a hit and run or farm are elaborate very carefully at the AD position.

Some ADs in Dota 2 will be classified as an AD carry. This is the position that carries the main and main damage for the home team. This position will of course play a very important role. Especially in the early game and late game. Just a small mistake from AD carries can cause the whole team to lose.

We can mention Drow Ranger an AD with a set of assertive skills, the inner strength that effectively serves for long-range combat. Along with that she also has many points worth exploiting and becoming the Best AD for the team.

As well as some disadvantages that need to be controlled when traveling alone or in cooperation with teammates. If you are not really confident in your AD control skills in Dota 2, let’s refer to her example in our article!

The skill system of a true AD

Drow Ranger

The following will be the skill set equipped to the Drow Ranger with the sole purpose of destroying any enemies who dare to approach her. The four skills include:

Frost arrow: this is the first skill when it comes to her skill set. This skill will help reduce the enemy’s movement speed and if combined with appropriate attack speed items. Frost arrow will be unleashed to the best of their ability in both single and total team battles.

Gust: This is a skill to help support and ensure that enemies who are planning to attack her with the skill will not be able to accomplish their purpose. The effect Gust creates will not interrupt complementary skills such as teleport.

Precision aura: Effects created by this skill will help you increase the damage as well as long-range teammates within the influence of this skill.

Marksmanship: this is the last skill in her skill system. This skill helps create many different effects. The amount of extra power will be based on the points that she is carrying for her. This skill helps her attacks to be branched, increasing the impact area. Usually will be 3 main branches and 2 auxiliary branches with all the effects from skills and items attached.

Advantages when playing Drow Ranger

This hero will bring her a number of advantages that come from skill and quality. You need to promote the following points when holding the Drow Ranger for the AD carry position:

The amount of damage that she can cause is extremely high in the long-term champions of Dota 2. You should be equipped with additional attack speed to optimize the ability to damage the enemy. The faster it finishes, the more compact it will give you more time to prepare for the next teamfight.

The first her two skills of, Gust and Frost arrow, can ensure that no enemy can reach her. Keeping these two skills in mind is essential if you want to survive the teamfight.

Fast speed, strong damage, and easy farming are things that she can guarantee when players pick this hero.

Weak points to be aware of with the Drow Ranger

You need to pay attention to overcome the following weaknesses of this hero, maybe through the items or the SP heroes:

She has a perfect skill set but in specific cases. The hero does not have the skills to flee, a point that brings death quite easily if the Drow Ranger lets the enemy heroes catch her.

The health of an AD is unlikely to be high, except for semi-ad builds. So you should avoid encroaching too deeply into the fighting, otherwise, you will become an easy target of the enemy team.

She is also quite wasted when fighting at close range, this hero is unlikely to kill the enemy if engaged in close combat. Keeping a distance will ensure a lot of things for you when playing her.