Guide Sett Season 10 – Additional Jewel Table & Latest Sett Build

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Instructions on how to play on the map Sett season 10 Top tank to the forest and Rune table to support recombine Sett support the most powerful equipment, mid Sett build full damage of players pro order increase skill set – Big brother, plus the addition of the latest Sett counter combo skills in League of Legends game.

Guide Sett Season 10 - Additional Jewel Table & Latest Sett Build

The Rune table recombinant Sett

Rune Table Sett Top

Guide Sett Season 10 - Additional Jewel Table & Latest Sett Build

Rune Sett PRECISION-> Triumph-> Legend: Tenacity -> Last Stand -> Conqueror

Sett Mid supplementary table

Guide Sett Season 10 - Additional Jewel Table & Latest Sett Build

See the counter hero Sett and how to dress up Aatrox season 10 Standard => Devil Sword Darkin strongest here.

Rune complement Sett tanker – extremely strong

Guide Sett Season 10 - Additional Jewel Table & Latest Sett Build

Sett -> Aftershock

Rune table of Sett to the Jungle

Sett’s position

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Summoner spell for Sett

Sett is the first new general of the 2020 season, this is a half-man, half-vastaya fighter and a big brother who is the Gypsy leader in Ionia – the most brutal general of League. Sett is a gladiator with the ability to Solo, Top, Mid is good or jungle is fine.

Strengths and Weakness Sett


  • Sett’s ability to take and respond is extremely scary
  • Sett is the best brute fighter in League of Legends, with a cool Big brother style
  • Sett has the ability to recover well thanks to King of Glory and shield when activating Rage of Beasts (W).
  • The amount of damage Sett can inflict is huge, although, on damage-resistant equipment, the damage is still quite strong, in addition, Sett also deals with standard and wide area damage.
  • Sett has 2 control skills: stunning + slow is a quite effective Facebreaker  (E) and ultimate ult Destroy the Arena.


  • Big brother Gypsy Sett is a short-range gladiator and does not have too much mobility.
  • Easy to fly kites by long-range champions.
  • Sett is only really good when he reaches level 6 with his ultimate, and you also need to use Sett’s combos appropriately to achieve the highest efficiency in the total combat phase.

Skill table of Sett

Method 1

Sett max W -> Q -> E: extremely high resistance and the amount of damage done is also very strong => should be prioritized to increase this way for Sett when taking a very strong solo lane.

Method 2

Increase skill order for Sett max Q -> W -> E.

Knuckle Down (Q) is Sett’s strongest skill – both increase damage and increase movement speed so Sett can quickly reach the target => so it needs to be maximized first. This will be followed by Haymaker (W) to increase the ability to resist when traveling, and it also deals with both standard and wide area damage. Facebreaker (E) just need to get 1 point at level 3 => to have a control effect that Sett can easily capture and defeat the opponent in the solo lane. The Show Stopper (R) increases according to Sett level.

Or you can increase the Facebreaker (E) by 1 point in the second level first => to get the early control effect – if you encounter a difficult contract or champions with good mobility.

Pit Grid

Sett has 2 fists so Passive also has 2 parts

Sett’s basic attacks alternate between a left punch then a right punch: King of the Gladiator will Sett more healing based on the amount of damage received – The more blood you lose, the faster your health will heal.

Sett’s right punch: Sett will attack with both hands in turn, hitting the left will deal normal damage – right hitting will be launched faster and cause more damage because Sett has punched is only quality.

Knuckle Down (Q)

With Knuckle Down – Sett is slightly increased speed towards the opponent, 2 attacks immediately after Sett will increase the amount of damage.

You can use the Q skill to recreate the attack, allowing you to create a sequence of up to 4 continuous hits: Left -> Right -> Q -> Left -> Right.


Sett grabs the enemy from both sides and slams them together: dealing damage and stunning them. If the enemy is only on one side – Duet Zhuge still deals damage, but only slows instead of stunning.

This skill works on champions, soldiers and monsters

The Show Stopper

Sett captures an enemy champion, then jumps up and slams them to the ground, dealing damage and slowing down a large area in the area where Sett lands.

The closer the opponent stands to the blow, the more damage will be taken.

Sett deals additional damage based on the target’s health he has captured.

Sett build

Beginning items for Sett

Build up boots for Sett

Main items for Sett Build

Main items for Sett Top/Mid

Choose Trinity Force – when you are taking the lead or playing on an opponent

With Sett Jungle

Titanic Hydra: is a short-range gladiator, so this is a piece of top-of-the-line item for Sett, it will help Sett increase the ability: quickly clear the troops + heal the blood + push the road + lane pillars + overwhelm the opponent. Initially, you only need to up the Tiamat -> after completing 1 to 2 basic equipment and then you can go to the Titanic Hydra after.

Black Cleaver: always the first choice for Sett – in case you are stronger than your opponent or your team in late game lack of damage => then Trinity Force will be an extremely effective replacement.

As a solo top lane champion, he uses a lot of left and right-handed attacks => Trinity Force is quite suitable equipment => helps Sett to increase the damage from attacks and greatly increase good indicators.

Sterak’s Gage + Guardian Angel: Because you always have to put yourself in dangerous fighting situations, so this will be safe items to ensure Sett can keep his life. You should consider up Angel Armor in the 4th or 5th position. After owning Guardian Angel – Sett can confidently throw opponents, squad, without much fear.

Optional items for Sett Build

How to build up Sett build – Top

Being a quite strong gladiator combined with strong damage and good control, Semi-tank equipment is always the perfect choice – standard and strongest for Sett.

Because Sett has a relatively short attack range, he must always dive deep inside to be able to deal maximum damage and control effects. Therefore, Mercury’s Treads will help him reduce the control time of the enemy.

Dead Man’s Plate will be quite effective items => it helps the ability to pursue and approach the goal of Sett is significantly improved because Big Brother does not have much mobility skills.

How to build up Sett build – Mid

In addition, you can refer to Sett Mid’s map for pure tanker style => extremely strong, the ability to spin very well in fights and very difficult to be defeated.

In case you use mid Sett, or the opponent is strong mage generals => Spirit Visage will be the necessary choice for Sett.

If Sett goes out with pure damage champions or opponents with strong physical damage or AD, Thornmail is a pretty effective item for Sett to counter them.

How to build up Sett build – Jungle

The items set for Sett build going to the Jungle is not much different from Sett going solo lane, you can choose one of two ways: Stalk’s Blade – Cinderhulk.

or Stalk’s Blade – Thornmail

How to play Sett

Dislikes the round of Sett is someone who relies on the power of a fist and he is willing to solve everything with just it, rushes like a true Big Brother and Knuckle Down.

You can use Q to recreate the attack, allowing you to create a chain of up to 4 continuous punches: Left -> Right -> Knuckle Down (Q) -> Left -> Right.

To become a good gangster, Sett needs to be set up for favorable fights, position and distance are the key points. Sett must be at a distance close enough to be able to rush in with a few Knuckle Down (Q), or choose a location near the soldiers => to create a combo chain to collect opponents – stunning and causing 1 Large amount of damage.

Sett’s ultimate The Show Stopper (R) can deal with the enemy jungle to gank quickly or force them to face the wall if they intend to steal Baron.

Sett combo in combat – Sett Build

When the team fight takes place, lock your opponent’s tank with your ultimate The Show Stopper (R), then slam them into the weak or weak marksmen or wizards => activate the Facebreaker ( E) stun them => add a punch with Haymaker (W) => finally finish them with Knuckle Down (Q).

Combo Sett tips and tricks – Sett Build

1. Use the ultimate The Show Stopper (R) to catch your opponent and toss them through some walls.

2. Align favorable position, to be able to catch 2 enemies on the front and back => to stun them with Facebreaker  (E).

3. In combat, always activate the ultimate The Show Stopper (R) and tanker tankers then jump and smash them near the enemy team’s main champion.

4. Use combo Flash ​​+ Facebreaker (E) => to create a situation of ganking unexpectedly, preventing the enemy from being managed.

5. Calculate the standard amount of combo damage to take down the target, avoiding giving them a chance to escape.

Counterpart Sett2

Refer to some generals capable of countering Sett effectively follow.

Guide Sett Season 10 - Additional Jewel Table & Latest Sett Build

Champions use a lot with Sett

Guide Sett Season 10 - Additional Jewel Table & Latest Sett Build


Above is our share of the Rune table reorganizing the Sett for Season 10 and some ways for Sett build for your reference. Wish you climb the rank of ganking team success with Sett in the arena of justice.

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