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Instructions to play Dota 2 advantages of High Ground

High Ground

High Ground

Gamers often talk about the high ground advantage in Dota, but very few people really understand its importance and how it can change the game. This article will guide you on the advantages of the ground and some common mistakes that players make when having a terrain advantage in Dota 2.

Main Benefits of High Ground

High Ground

There are several main benefits from high ground, sometimes well understood. The first is that the visual advantage: the opponent cannot see you on the hill, while you can see them clearly. Here’s the advantage of auto-attack (hitting hands): Hero range will be missed when attacking from below terrain. And the advantage of terrain: the ground is often narrow and therefore requires the opponent to cluster if you want to attack.

Depending on your location on the map, the ground has additional benefits. When defending the ground, you have many works to protect yourself and aura strong protection. You can also play faster with buyback or heal at the fountain.

The higher terrain in the forest gives you the advantage of visibility through outposts, and maybe even through potential ward bans. It is normal for many teams to reward at an elevated position and plugs in their wards.

All of this in the game is extremely important when playing Dota and all of them are often misused by players of all levels.

Keep In Vision

High Ground

The current Deward is a huge boon, and now there’s little reason to support not holding at least one Sentry in your inventory anytime, anywhere. Going smoke gank? Bring the sentry along? Prime base? Remember to check the locations where you plug your ward. These sentries will partly help you win the game.

However, not bringing Sentry or making sure you really have the advantage of vision is one of the main mistakes that make you lose. Creep waves are also a source of vision for the opposing team and when on high ground (theoretically), you should clear them before the creeps reach the hill. But it can be a little different when comes to reality.