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Afreeca Freecs vs DragonX prediction – KeSPA Cup 2020

Afreeca Freecs vs DragonX prediction

Afreeca Freecs vs DragonX prediction

Afreeca Freecs vs DragonX prediction on 12/21/2020. The tournament is organized by the Korea Esports Association, the KeSPA Cup is still an opportunity for the top LoL teams of this country to prepare the final steps of the upcoming season, and an opportunity for to fans have an overview of the strength of the teams. The 6th tournament will open on December 21, no exception.

Afreeca Freecs vs DragonX prediction

Afreeca Freecs will make their way to Group A, where the defending champions and runner-up South Korea are present. To be ready for the upcoming campaign, the team’s roster has not changed much except for the bot lane, where veteran AD carry Bang will lead support Lehends.

It is not known whether this combination will work or not but promises to be a decisive factor in the success of Afreeca Freecs. The other side of the front line in this match is DragonX. This is the team that has finished 2nd in the nearest domestic league. But after the failed world finals, DragonX has made a comprehensive transformation and is facing many challenges.

There was no bad performance last season, but Afreeca Freecs always had a hard time dealing with colleagues on the other side of the line. It turns out, in all 4 encounters within the LCK framework, this team has suffered defeat against DragonX. In which, the last 2 defeats are all heavy destruction.

But since then, there have been many changes, if not a complete shift in the balance of power between the two front lines. DragonX only retains the jungler Pyosik, while the other three-quarters of the members do not have any experience in playing at the top. According to Afreeca Freecs vs DragonX prediction experts, the advantage of this is that everything remains unknown.

Result prediction

Much of the Afreeca Freecs’ strength in last season was in the top lane of South Korean, Kiin. Ironically, that is also the weak point of this team that is easily caught. Currently, with the presence of a top-class player but an older Bang in the bot lane, it is clear that Afreeca Freecs does not possess the materials needed to play actively in the early game. Therefore, it would not be surprising if the game was held in a tie for most of the start time.

First Blood prediction

  • Game 1: Afreeca Freecs

The team that has 10 kills first

  • Game 1: Afreeca Freecs

But in the long run, perhaps the advantage will gradually belong to Afreeca Freecs. Compared to the ability to face head-to-head in the lanes, it is clear that this team completely outclasses its largely anonymous colleagues on the other side of the line. The strength of the top lane is unquestionable, while the remaining lanes are more than enough to play safely and greatly increase in strength in the later stages.

When the threshold was needed, the power of Afreeca Freecs was enough to wash away the opponent. Therefore, believing that the current handicap is not enough to make it difficult for fans to put their expectations on this team.

Afreeca Freecs vs DragonX prediction (score): 1-0

Afreeca Freecs vs DragonX prediction: lineup expectation

  • Afreeca Freecs: Kiin, Dread, Fly, Bang, Lehends
  • DragonX: Kingen, Pyosik, SOLKA, BAO, Becca