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Afreeca Freecs vs DWG KIA Prediction – LCK Summer – 07/29

Afreeca Freecs vs DWG KIA prediction

Afreeca Freecs vs DWG KIA prediction

Afreeca Freecs vs DWG KIA prediction on July 29, 2021. Not too surprising if Afreeca Freecs played extremely proactively like the last game against Gen.G, they did not hesitate to fight, leading to a constant kill exchange with the opponent.

Afreeca Freecs Overview

A surprise win against Gen.G made Afreeca Freecs firmly build a place in the top 6, currently, they have 7 wins and 6 losses, 2 wins from the teams behind. However, this round was really difficult for Afreecs Freecs when facing DWG KIA. In the last 3 times they met, the loser was Afreeca Freecs who didn’t even bring back any winning games. Clashing with a fierce opponent is a team that competes directly in the top 6, it is difficult for Afreeca Freecs to create a surprise in this match.

DWG KIA Overview

DWG KIA just won 2-0 against DRX to cut off their streak of 2 consecutive losses. Currently, they are still 3rd in the rankings but the gap with the teams behind is not much. Of course, with a top team like DWG KIA, the goal in the group stage must be at least 2, and Gen.G just failed in the previous round. So this is an opportunity for DWG KIA to close the gap. Although the opponent is in high spirits after the victory in the previous round. Experts believe that DWG KIA will show the bravery to win a distinct victory.

Afreeca Freecs vs DWG KIA prediction

Experts say that Gen.G was somewhat subjective in the above match, causing the loss of the game in game 3, perhaps they confidently gave a few tests but then gave the opposite result. 

For DWG KIA, a master of map control, it is very difficult to dispute dragons with them. Experts estimate that DWG KIA plays much more firmly than Gen.G and they only fight when getting more wins. Not only is it possible that DWG KIA is ready to flip the bet at the end of the game even when it is constantly being pummeled, they know how to find the opponent’s mistakes. 

Afreeca Freecs has encountered too many times this season already. Therefore, experts believe that this will be a match on the basis of DWG KIA, they will prove the strength of the number 1 Korean team at the moment. The final score of this match is predicted to be 2-0 in favor of DWG KIA, it also clearly shows that after DWG KIA is the nemesis of Afreeca Freecs.

Afreeca Freecs vs DWG KIA bet prediction

Afreeca Freecs vs DWG KIA total score prediction:

  • Game 1: DWG KIA
  • Game 2: DWG KIA

Total score 0-2 (DWG KIA win)

Handicap bet (DWG KIA handicap 1.5)

Choose DWG KIA

First Blood:

  • Game 1: DWG KIA
  • Game 2: Afreeca Freecs

Total Kill Point:

  • Game 1: Afreeca Freecs 4-16 DWG KIA (Under)
  • Game 2: Afreeca Freecs 12-18 DWG KIA (Over)


Afreeca Freecs: Kiin, Dread, Fly, Leo, Lehends

DWG KIA: Khan, Canyon, ShowMaker, Malrang, BeryL