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Free Fire: 5 Best Characters After Chrono Was Released!


This is the collection of Free Fire characters after Chrono was released! The release of the Free Fire character has been awaited by many fans from all over the world.

This character is Chrono, a character from the collaboration of Free Fire x Cristiano Ronaldo that has just been released in the game. Apart from the release of Chrono, Free Fire also issued an event called Operation Chrono which is a big event in December.

With the release of these new characters, some characters will certainly have an impact, and some will become used frequently. Here are some of the best characters in Free Fire after Chrono was released!

The 5 Best Characters In Free Fire – Chrono


With the entry of Chrono, it is estimated that the war will continue and take a little longer than usual. For that you must be able to kill enemies quickly, and Hayato’s Bushido skills can help you. Bushido provides armor penetration to the enemy if your HP is reduced, that way you can finish off the enemy easily.


It is clear that our main character at this event is one of the best characters. With his Time Turner skill, even Chrono can be a character targeted by all Free Fire players, and can destroy the existing meta.

DJ Alok


Do not forget the best Free Fire character who is also a collaborative character with DJ Alok. This character literally takes the name of the person in the real world as well as the image. With Drop The Beat skills that players always bring to the game, DJ Alok remains the best character. Drop The Beat gives you an aura that adds blood and your movement speed when fighting.



Before Chrono was released, Dasha was the newest character to come out in Free Fire, and Dasha’s arrival was also welcomed by the players. Her Partying On skill can give Dasha lots of passive skills which help his movements to be smoother.

Captain Booyah 

This character is also a collaboration with DJ, namely KHSMR who has a Master of All skills. Captain Booyah is a character whose skills are almost the same as DJ Alok’s, except that this character adds your Energy Points instead of your Health.

So,that’s it for the character’s recommendation when Chrono was released in Free Fire.

Stay tuned for more updates and information!